Snooker grand final begins!China’s 3 players in the war, Yan Bingtao zhao Xintong teamed up for the crown

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2021-2022 season, the seventh champions league group game of snooker, four world champion higgins stand out from the group, he has overcome his, defending champion Karen Wilson, China star ding junhui after the team championship, to get the last one to the snooker qualification, winning the champions league group at this point,For each group of seven players all came out, they are the first team championship liang wenbo, the second team champions Dortmund, a third team champion zhao tong, the fourth team champion donaldson, the fifth team champion of bingham, the sixth team champion YanBingTao and seventh team champion higgins.The winners’ group, or final, of the Snooker Champions League will be played on 3 and 4 February, with the same schedule as the group matches.There are three Chinese players competing in the final of the Champions League, with zhao Xintong, the German Masters champion, and Yan Bingtao, the runner-up, drawing the most attention.Zhao heart tong good form recently, especially his offensive firepower fierce, if able to the state of the continuation of the German masters, zhao heart tong is expected to hit the third ranking title, the first matchday zhao heart child will work with the game three of the strongest opponents, zhao heart tong head “wizard” higgins, two people encounter many times recently, both the outcome,Zhao xintong should have certain confidence psychologically.Second child will against the world champion bingham, zhao heart bingham smooth state, he seldom appear ups and downs, zhao heart child should have enough patience, children’s game 3 zhao heart will be with YanBingTao “China Derby”, two people just masters final in Munich in Germany, YanBingTao losing nine innings 0:9 fiasco, most notably play this game again.Yan bingtao has also been in good form recently, although he was in good form before his defeat in the final of the German Masters. In the short-set format, Yan’s steady play is very likely to produce good results.On the first match day, Yan bingtao will play zhao Xintong in the “China Derby” and liang Wenbo in the other “China Derby”. Yan’s first match will be against world champion Bingham.In addition to the match with Yan Bingtao, Liang wenbo will play Donaldson and Dott, which will directly determine whether Liang can advance from the group stage.Liang’s absence from last week’s German Masters due to COVID-19 has affected his form somewhat, and in the ultra-short format, He doesn’t have much time to slowly find his touch. He needs to adjust his form as soon as possible.Objectively speaking, for the player of the world snooker league finals ranking is generally not high, the highest ranked sixth higgins, the three players in China is a great chance to get good grades, as long as the normal play, there will be a Chinese player scored the final four, China’s strongest opponent should be world champion higgins and bingham, two people although the age is not small,But the state has maintained very well, especially the “wizard” higgins, whether a short board game or anticipated, higgins play are very stable, he made in the team game 7 7-1 record, he is expected to continue in the winning group match good touch feeling, Chinese players to hit the contest must through higgins this, it is worth mentioning,The competition in the winning group of the Snooker Champions League is also a ranking competition. Although the level is not the same as the regular ranking competition, it is an influential competition system after all. We look forward to better performance of the three Chinese players.Snooker Champions League Winners group 19:00 Higgins VS Graem Dott 19:00 Bingham VS Yan Bingtao 20:00 Higgins VS Zhao Xintong 20:00 Liang Wenbo VS Donaldson 21:00 Zhao Xintong VS Bingham 21:00 Graem Dott VS Donaldson 02 04 00:30 Higgins vs Bingham 00:30 Bingham vs Liang Wenbo 01:30 Bingham vs Graham Dott 01:30 Zhao Xintong vs Yan Bingtao 02:30 Graham Dott vs Liang Wenbo 02:30 Higgins vs Donaldson