It’s not a smooth road to the next generation Toyota Sequoia launch

2022-05-13 0 By

When it comes to full-size SUVs, most people will first think of those American cars, such as Lincoln Navigator and Ford Conqueror. However, there is a big guy from Toyota that cannot be ignored, and that is Sequoia.Now a new generation of sequoia officially released, and a new generation of smooth way to share tnGA-F platform to build, modeling more ambitious, more luxurious interior, powertrain is also all new.Although sequoia connected with tundra truck, but not just add a lid that simple, generation of sequoia since its launch in 2007, its full-size suvs positioning, powerful cross-country ability and more luxurious setting favored by consumers, while domestic had no official introduction, we will still from time to time to see it.Fifteen years later, with the addition of TNGA architecture, the new car’s driving quality, ride comfort, intelligence, luxury and other aspects have been comprehensively improved.A strong modelling is an essential feature that level model, a new car with the royal road to learning to keep the same design concept at the same time, provide more different styles of front face style, according to the different configuration models China open with chrome plated honeycomb mesh, black wavy type three kind of style, banners and surrounded by former style more thick at the same time, under the silver plate, fashionable and beautiful.The side shape of the body is more powerful, the segmented waist line and the suspended roof created by the hidden A, B and C columns add luster to the car.The large body and straight roof ensure excellent space performance.The tail shape is the same square, but also the roof spoiler, strong LED taillights, silver under the guard plate to form a three-dimensional collocation, effectively improve the visual effect.In the car, the new car continues the new smooth way style, simple layout and do not lose the traditional mechanical sense, including four-spoke multi-functional steering wheel, 14-inch control multimedia touch screen and other details are quite colorful, the overall presentation of excellent visual effect, while the material part also highlights the luxury positioning.In terms of spatial layout, the new car offers a seven-seat layout, with both horizontal and vertical space “scary” considering the inherent advantages of platform and size.Sequoia offers five configuration levels to choose from, including SR5, Limited, Platinum, TRD Pro and Capstone.Safety Sense 2.5 technology package, seat heating, sunroof, 12.3-inch LCD dashboard, 360-degree panoramic camera system, third-row seat electric folding, 120-volt power socket, etc.The SR5 model has an 8.0-inch center control multimedia display in the interior, while the display size will be expanded to 14 inches from the SR5 Premium model.Both SR5 models come with TRD Sport kits including Bilstein single-tube shock absorbers and improved springs with 20-inch rims;The Limited adds front seat ventilation, steering wheel heating and second – and third-row awnings to the SR5 Premium;The TRD Off-road kit is available in four-wheel drive versions of the SR5 and Limited and includes a rear Limited slip differential, 18-inch off-road rims and tires, multiple terrain selection, downhill assist control and creep control, plus Bilstein shock absorbers and stiffer springs;The Platinum version comes with second-row seat heating and ventilation, 14-speaker stereo, panoramic sunroof, HUD head-up display, wireless charging and rain-sensing wipers.For off-road users, the TRD Pro version is a must-see, with FOX shock absorbers with nitrogen tanks and a 0.25-inch-thick front chassis guard.The rear axle is equipped with differential locks, multiple terrain options, creep control and downhill assist control, as well as LED light bars on the front grille and metal storage racks on the roof.In addition, the wheels have a black 18-inch off-road rim that is more suitable for the outboard gap, as well as a bilateral two-outlet exhaust layout and a unique “Solar Octane” exterior color.If you’re looking for luxury, go for the Capstone, which is also top-of-the-line and heavily chrome from the outside, with 22-inch chrome rims and side-skirt electric pedals;The interior will also feature a more luxurious black and white color scheme with walnut trim panels;The front door also features better soundproof glass, as well as an extra layer of insulation inside the body for a quieter ride.The whole series is equipped with the I-Force Max hybrid system, which consists of a 3.4T twin-turbo V6 engine and a small motor located between the gearbox and the engine. It is also equipped with a 1.5kwh nickel metal hydride battery pack for electric power and can provide low speed pure electric mode at 30km/h.The hybrid system has a combined power of 326kW and maximum torque of 790Nm, matched with a 10-speed automatic transmission.