Elves come down!Tae-yeon’s “INVU” music video shows milk in grey Hair: Is this a person?

2022-05-13 0 By

Reporter Wu Rae-chi/Comprehensive report Of Girls’ Generation member Tae-yeon SOLO released in 2015. Whenever she released a song, she was firmly ranked in the top circle of all major music source platforms.The plain violates 2 years much, she is taking regular album eventually in valentine’s day this day “INVU” return to song circle, she incarnate the goddess that is different dress up, take bow and arrow to shoot to the distance, the modelling that the United States gets unbemused, even member embellishes e extol “is this a person?”She was so beautiful that she blew everyone away.Tae-yeon’s MUSIC video looks beautiful.The MV of Tae-yeon’s title song “INVU” uses elements such as Greek temple, desert and moon to create a mysterious atmosphere. She tries a variety of costumes in succession, wearing double braids, long hair behind her ears, or neat curls and unilateral braids. The result is so beautiful that even Tae-yeon herself wants to take a photo every second.MV open after the whole network a piece of praise goddess beauty, even members run e message “is this a person?”Tae-yeon s brother left a message saying, I want to play paradise.Tae-yeon has been back for two years.(photo/Avex Taiwan) More than 2 years back, Taiyan admitted that the new song released the process of twists and turns, self-burst new song is not favored by the company, is his own independent selection of the main fight, has a strong confidence to convince others, in order to better performance of the song, recording also into acting, while singing.Too Yan new modeling even run e are full of praise.(Photo/Avex Taiwan) Tae-yeon said at the press conference that it took the longest time to prepare for this event and she has made great efforts to present her current appearance.As for setting the record for the best-selling album by a female artist in the past decade, Tae-yeon said it was all thanks to her team’s hard work and the support of her fans.”INVU,” the third official album, was released in Korea on December 14.