Annual revenue drops 28.9%!Huawei, in trouble, is still handing out $50 billion in bonuses to its employees

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Speaking of Huawei, I believe everyone is familiar with the company.As a representative enterprise of our nation, Huawei is our common pride. Huawei has not only achieved a leading position in the field of 5G, but also has excellent performance in consumer business.Huawei, for example, has surpassed powerful rivals such as Samsung and Apple in smartphone shipments to become the world’s largest.But unfortunately, as a result of the external crackdown, Huawei’s chip supply encountered unprecedented difficulties.Huawei cannot produce high-end phones without a core.Affected by this, Now Huawei’s revenue suffered a serious loss.For Huawei, such a blow is not not heavy.According to the latest figures, Huawei will sell only 35 million phones in 2021.In 2020, Huawei was still selling around 190 million phones a year.By contrast, Huawei’s handset sales plunged about 82% last year from a year earlier.Such drop, with “cut in half” are not enough to describe.To make matters worse, Huawei’s position in the global mobile phone market has fallen to no. 9 after its mobile phone business was severely hampered by a lack of cell phones.Faced with such a bad situation, It was inevitable that Huawei’s revenue fell sharply.Some clues can also be found in huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping’s 2022 New Year’s Speech.Huawei’s total annual revenue is expected to reach 643 billion yuan in 2021, down 28.9 percent year-on-year, Guo said.In the fourth quarter alone, Huawei’s revenue fell about 19%.As a strong technology company, Huawei was in the midst of rapid growth and could not suffer a decline in revenue.And the revenue decline in 2021 will be huawei’s first in nearly five years.It can be said that Huawei is still in trouble.However, as an excellent national enterprise, Huawei still attaches great importance to the welfare of its employees even though it is in trouble and its revenues are suffering.According to the latest report on February 7, Huawei announced a bombshell news: it will spend 50 billion yuan to give dividends to its shareholding employees, which is expected to reach about 400,000 yuan per person.At this point, it has to be mentioned that Huawei is the only company in the world with full ownership, which is quite unique.Even Ren Zhengfei, huawei’s founder, has a shareholding of just 0.9% (as of the end of 2021).The remaining huawei shares are all held by huawei association.The members of the association are all huawei employees, and the total number of members has reached more than 120,000.Judging by the sharp drop in revenue, Huawei is certainly not as flush with cash as it used to be.Under such circumstances, Huawei can also come up with as much as 50 billion yuan to pay dividends to employees, it is “commendable”.Only by taking such care of employees’ welfare can Huawei attract and retain a large number of talents.Friends who know something about Huawei know that the company has always attached great importance to talents.Even Ren Zhengfei himself has affirmed the importance of talent for the development of an enterprise for many times. Ren Zhengfei has mentioned attaching importance to talent on many public occasions.In his opinion, talent is the most critical factor in huawei’s survival and development.Only by ensuring enough and excellent talents to promote its own technological progress can Huawei master its core technologies and get out of difficulties as soon as possible without being constrained by others.It is worth mentioning that In addition to investing in human resources, Huawei is also very willing to invest in R&D.According to the data, Huawei invested 17.46 billion euros in R&D in 2021, ranking second in the world.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment below.This article is produced by Qictan, without permission, any platform, channel, please do not reprint.Offenders shall be prosecuted.