Real estate to recruit people’s annual monologue: remote call unworthy of the family, “the next wave of streamlining will be my turn?”

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For the 2022 Spring Festival, Sun is pleased that she can go home earlier and return to work later, making the holiday much longer than usual.This is the benefit of Sun Qing’s choice to leave the group and transfer to the project site.The disadvantage is that the child was only three or four months old when he left home. Now he is a toddler, and as a father, he can count the hours he spends with his child on his fingers.Often talk about this matter, Sun Qing is guilty unceasingly.Sun qing’s company is one of the TOP20 real estate enterprises in the industry, and his main job is to control the cost of project bidding and procurement.The year before last, this real estate enterprise won a piece of land in shenzhen’s auction and hanging market. The development of new projects requires staff to be stationed in the field, so the group’s leaders took a number of capable men to open up new territory, and Sun Qing was one of them.In the past year, Sun has not only had to adapt to the new working environment, but also experienced the great changes in the industry.This year, for sun Qing such real estate practitioners are not easy.The Spring Festival holiday is precious for Sun Qing, who rarely spends time with her family. Spending more time with her family tops her to-do list.In the process of chatting, Sun Qing talked most about the shame of her family. “Although she is comfortable in the project, it is really hard for her to take care of the family by herself. She has to go to work and take care of her children.”Although Sun Qing’s interaction with young children is mostly maintained by video, the distance does not make them unfamiliar. After visiting relatives and returning home for a short time, children’s dependence on sun Qing relieved him a lot.Workers on the project usually do not return to work in large numbers until the end of the first lunar month, nominally allowing Sun Qing to have a longer Spring Festival holiday.But in the second half of last year, the sudden crisis of the industry made industry chain practitioners uneasy, and Sun Qing was no exception.Before going home, he set a time for himself to return to his post – before the Lantern Festival.Even so, Sun qing’s Spring Festival holiday was rich compared with previous ones.”Jointly maintain market confidence” industrial crisis is directly reflected in the attitude of real estate enterprises to take land. In the first half of last year, real estate enterprises rushed to auction in hot cities, but the investment amount plunged in the second half of the year.Kreis data shows that the total investment amount of the top 50 real estate companies in the first half of last year was 1.9 trillion yuan, but the second half of the year plunged to 0.8 trillion yuan, a drop of up to 60%. Nearly half of the top 50 real estate companies in the fourth quarter did not take land.Another performance is that the industry’s top companies in the second half of the new situation, and even labeled with the risk of housing enterprises.According to Sun Qing’s observation, the company she works for is calm on the surface, but underneath it is already flowing darkly.”People in peace and to maintain the surface normal operation”, the project in accordance with the project node to pay more money, in the industry enterprise cash flow is not enough at present, in order to alleviate the pressure of the payment, the project team actively select the delay time limit for a project, originally should complete the workload for a month, they will drag two months to complete.”Of course, this is not to explicitly inform the other party of this, but to find reasons in the process of operation and acceptance, requiring the construction side to improve.”Such an excuse is well known to both sides and also understood by the construction side, which is called “jointly maintaining market confidence”.Because both sides also want to believe that as long as the project is still under construction, there is still a chance for improvement.”Will the next wave of streamlining be my turn?”Another measure to maintain a semblance of peace is a top-down streamlining of the army. Sun’s project company also achieved a 15 percent staffing improvement target last year.The 15% index was equally distributed to all departments of the project company. Before, she only heard about the situation of other housing enterprises. Although she sighed, when she really saw the departure of her brothers who had fought side by side, Sun Qing had mixed feelings and a sense of crisis also rose sharply.For now, however, he is relieved that his colleagues will be able to leave with reasonable compensation and relative dignity.We could obviously feel The anxiety of Sun Qing in our conversation. He said that the project had completed the first 15% personnel optimization target, but he did not know if and when the next 15% would come, and whether he could escape the next wave.According to the incomplete statistics of Kreis, the overseas debt financing maturity of 100 typical real estate enterprises in 2022 is mainly concentrated in the first half of the year, among which the maturity scale in January is as high as 62.7 billion yuan, the highest in the past two years. March, April, June and July are all small peaks of debt repayment of overseas debt financing.Sun’s company had a lot of outstanding debt in the middle of this year.It is expected that due to the weak superimposed sales, there will still be default events of real estate companies in 2022, which may further blow the confidence of creditors and make the refinancing environment of real estate companies more tense.This makes Sun Qing more worried that, in the case of the company’s cash flow is still acceptable, the colleagues who were left earlier also got economic compensation. If the financing environment becomes tighter, or the warm wind of the industry cannot blow to their own enterprises, and she is unfortunately included in the personnel optimization list later, she may not get compensation.This may be the general mentality of the on-the-job employees of the housing enterprises, luck or misfortune may be reversed at any time.Sun qing said that what she could do now was to improve her professional ability while not too busy, and to save energy for herself through the cold winter.Sun Qing also self-ridicule, in fact, no matter how industry enterprises, recruitment and sales posts want to be too moist is not difficult.But he was also very aware that the industry required strict discipline, and he had never received any supplier benefits in his career.He said that at the important moment of marriage and childbirth in his life, some suppliers in the name of his brother took the initiative to send not low red envelopes to congratulate him, but he declined.Sun Qing knew the intention of the supplier, but in the context of obvious interests, this nominal brotherly relationship was not solid.At the same time, along with the specification development and transparency of the industry, companies not only to set up the audit and supervision department, also set up trade unions, practitioners can very clearly aware, trial-and-error cost is too high, once the mistakes into the blacklist, equivalent to terminate a future, the long run, to maintain their reputation is more important in industry.Just wait a little longer and the dawn may be at hand.Kerrey expects the real estate market to continue to face significant downward pressure in the first quarter of 2022, with transaction volumes likely to remain subdued.But in the second half of the market or there will be a turning point, the core one, two tier city market is relatively strong, transaction is expected to take the lead in stabilizing, most of the three, four tier cities in the second half of the latest at the end of the year, the market can really steady.The in-depth adjustment of the industry has advantages and disadvantages. 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