Illegal overtaking brewing accident, full responsibility!

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Overtaking a lane change is normal operation but if people in does not have overtaking conditions under the condition of forced overtaking accident may happen in a flash on February 14, 2022 at 11, 25 hezhang county public security bureau traffic police brigade 6 qu squadron command center instructions, hezhang six living town traffic accidents, called six squadron immediately to the scene.Preliminary investigation: At 11:00 on February 14, 2022, Lu Moguo drove your F1***8 light truck from Liuquhe Town of Hezhang County to Dayi Township of Hezhang County, and scraped the unlicensed electric tricycle driven by Wan Moliang in the process of overtaking in Jia Zhu Village of Liuquhe Town of Hezhang County.The accident caused the unlicensed electric tricycle to hit the protection wall on the right side of the road, causing the damage of the two cars and wan Muliang’s minor injuries.After investigation, the accident is due to lu mou driving your F1***8 light warehouse gate truck in the unclear road conditions caused by illegal overtaking and Wan Mou liang driving electric tricycle scratch, resulting in no license electric tricycle collision to the right side of the road protection wall rolleover, Lu Mou assume full responsibility for the accident.Wan suffered only minor injuries in the accident, as the drivers and passengers all wore safety belts and the tricycle driver correctly wore a safety helmet.The operation method of correct lane change can be simplified as a formula: a light, two mirrors, three directions before lane change must turn the signal. The first action before lane change is “one light”, but it has been ignored by many drivers, intentionally or unintentionally.The main cause of traffic accidents caused by lane changes is the sudden lane change of vehicles without turning signals.Turning signal to other vehicles before lane change is a good habit that drivers must develop and also a quality behavior.One thing to remember: whenever the trajectory of the vehicle changes, always signal.Observe the front and side and rear vehicles after turning signals can rest assured lane change?Of course not, there is a second step – “second mirror”, which is to look in the rearview mirror to determine whether the surrounding road conditions are suitable for lane change.In addition to looking in the rearview mirror, we also need to quickly observe the blind spots on both sides of the vehicle to see if there are other vehicles approaching.After making sure the surrounding area is safe, you can prepare to change lanes.The next step is the third operation – “three direction”, that is, turning the steering wheel to change the trajectory of the vehicle, lane change.Another important thing to remember when changing lanes is not to cross multiple lanes. On some multi-lane roads, there is one lane change that can look aggressive: the car changes lanes from the outside lane, crosses the middle lane, and cuts diagonally into the fast lane on the inside lane.Lane changes that span two or three lanes at a time are the most likely to cause trouble.The safest thing to do is to change only one lane at a time.Source: Hezhang County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade editor: Chen LAN Review: Liu Ping