China (Anshun) Stone City development plan officially issued and implemented

2022-05-12 0 By

According to the anshun city committee of the CCP about anshun city people’s government (anshun) China stone city construction development work leading group of notice (Ann city pass word [2019] 9) requirements, and related work arrangement, leading the anshun city development and reform commission (anshun) stone city development planning of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”).Recently, China (Anshun) Stone City Leading Group Office has submitted the “Planning” to the People’s Government of Anshun city for approval and printing.The Plan proposes that China (Anshun) Stone City will focus on the functional positioning of production and manufacturing, trade circulation and professional service development, focusing on the construction of stone processing center, trading center, exhibition center and professional service center, and make continuous efforts in industrial cluster, industrial chain, main body cultivation and industrial integration.By means of park construction, industry-city interaction, urban-rural integration, enclave economy and exhibition drive, we will vigorously cultivate new driving forces, stimulate new vitality and shape new advantages to promote high-quality development of stone industry.Next, anshun city will pay special attention to the planning implement measures to fall to the ground, vigorously promotes the project construction, investment, market cultivation and industrial concentration, pushing for three to five years, will China (anshun) stone city construction into the western region’s largest stone industry clusters, elevate stone industry nurturing to support the economy in the city’s special advantage industries.