Xiapu Couplets (Series 53)

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Xiapu couplet works (series 53) Xiapu Couplet Association first “Zhongyin Cup” Fuzhou – Xiapu gala practice core values Fuzhou Linzu lead column outside the song orioles wear cui Willow;Court dance Yan Cuhongying.Long ring alarm bell, corrupt official manslaughter law;A mirror hangs high, and the people are well known.Thousands of years of China, see eventful years;Thousands of miles across China, beautiful rivers and mountains.Xiapu Wang Longshu sunshine asked politics in admonishment, spring plane heart green;Rule of law anbang for the good, and build dream incense.Through trials and tribulations, civilization carries the Chinese Dream;Through the clouds and smoke, friendly bear the world.People’s wellbeing should follow the voice of the people, and inclusive development should be pursued with openness.The rule of law to uphold human rights and promote harmony.The Belt and Road Initiative will be prosperous and prosperous with friendship in mind.Agriculture, rural, sanchun frequently class essence, reform follows.Open, fair, fair, clean wind trace in the administration;Sincere, true, good faith, good policy tangible benefits the people.Xiapu Wang Xuesen wrote 24 words, the Chinese sing the revival song;Thousands of families pursue their dreams, and the earth spreads its best poems.The dream of enriching the people and rejuvenating the country;Sincerity sincerity and friendly heart.Chinese Renaissance and is the first;People’s happiness and wealth come first.Fair and equitable, China increases positive energy;Prosperity and wealth, the masses to broaden the new mileage.Reform and innovation, the dream of revival;To enrich the people and strengthen the country, and to develop science and technology.Xiapu Guoxing minyou for the new social fashion;Goodness is the healer of the mind.Political qingming, social harmony, 24 words to build dreams;Banyan pine beautiful, friendly people, thousands of homes to force the state.Integrity and harmony, people build the Chinese dream;Civilization and dedication, fujian with the song of great governance.The word “patriotic”, carry forward the spirit of encouraging 24 words;”Rich and strong” two words, so the five thousand years of history.Rule of law for the public, patriotic for the people, the flag always spring breeze dance;Civilization and dedication, harmony and respect, dream long will be positive Yang.Xiapu Cheng Bodun a cavity blood zi China;Clean and uncorrupted.