What’s wrong with the Beijing team?Zhai Xiaochuan flying foot shot head violation was wronged?Repeatedly questioned the technology station

2022-05-11 0 By

Beijing team against Team Tianjin, and there was a very controversial scene, Beijing team captain Zhai Xiaochuan hold the ball after his hands after the basket;Perhaps to celebrate his dunk success, he hung on the basket after finishing the dunk, and took some kicks, which happened to hit Meng Zikai, a player of Tianjin team who was returning to defend.The referee soon gave the penalty, Zhai Xiaochuan foul, but Zhai Xiaochuan and refused to accept the verdict, repeatedly questioned the technology, spread out helpless gestures.At this time the Beijing team’s general manager Yanis also both hands clap hands, implying that the referee specifically for.The referee had to stop the game and Yang Xiaoguang, the chief referee, and another deputy referee decided to review the video.After watching the replay, the referee firmly give Zhai Xiaochuan violation foul, maintain the original decision.In fact, Zhai Xiaochuan’s foul is not unfair, the CBA rules stipulate that there can be no second power after the dunk.Ogawa had a clear foot movement after the dunk.But once played basketball, hung the basket of friends also know that after the powerful dunk, in order to maintain the balance of the body, easy to fall, legs will not help turning.Small sichuan may feel his unintentional action, just meng Zikai came to the top of the head.That’s why I complained to the tech desk.In fact, after xiaochuan layup, Meng Zikai has a push action, the hand action just pushed zhai Xiaochuan’s private parts.Then came the follow-up ogawa flying foot shot in the head.From the slow back to see the show, after xiaochuan to the basketball with that kind of provocation to tianjin team, Meng Zikai see not accustomed to this arrogance, start back to xiaochuan’s private parts.If the process, both are likely to betray the violation, but Meng Zikai this action is obviously lighter, and Zhai Xiaochuan’s flying foot action with some personal grievances, the referee in the first time to the violation is completely no problem.The refs did not impose a penalty on Ogawa for questioning the technical table’s actions, possibly considering that he already had one foul and that another technical would have resulted in an ejection, whereas under the new CBA rules, two infractions result in a one-game suspension.The Beijing team has been criticized by fans for committing too many fouls.But the recent has been a lot of quiet, just after the tuyere and the dispute, another reason is that the eyes of the fans were attracted to the guangdong side of the past.Guangdong has been the target of much ridicule from fans and attention from referees because of its recent spate of fouls.At present, violations of the CBA, whether intentional or not, will be ruled as long as the player has such a tendency to act, which is mainly to protect the player from unnecessary injuries.