The “trilingual service” on the high-speed railway line is heartwarming

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Approaching the end of the Spring Festival travel rush, the Zhangjihuai High-speed railway, which participated in the Spring Festival travel rush for the first time in 2022, has delivered a special performance.This “new member” of the Spring Festival transport not only facilitates the people of Western Hunan to return home for the Spring Festival, but also shortens the distance between ethnic minority areas in western Hunan and the capital, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, east China and other regions, and accelerates the development of tourism in western Hunan and surrounding areas.The continuous flow of students, workers and relatives makes the stations along the Zhangjihuai Railway extremely busy. Located in ethnic minority areas, there are many tourist spots along the railway. The zhangjihuai high-speed railway has implemented the “three-language characteristic service” of Mandarin, Miao and English.”In order to better serve foreign tourists and ethnic minority travelers, I used my spare time to learn English and Miao, and provide ‘English, Miao and Chinese’ services for foreign tourists and ethnic minority travelers who need them.”Jishou East Station passenger duty officer Wu Han always has a sweet smile on her face.Jishou East Railway Station is located in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, which has a total population of 2.84 million, of which 1.96 million are ethnic minorities, accounting for nearly 70% of the total population of the prefecture.The unique ethnic culture in Xiangxi prefecture attracts many foreign tourists.At 15:11 on February 7th, Wu Han was doing her job patrol in the waiting room of Jishou East Station. Three foreign passengers were looking around anxiously in the waiting hall.Wu Han went to them immediately and communicated with them in English. It turned out that these foreign friends were traveling in western Hunan. Their language barrier and unfamiliar route made them very anxious.Wu served them warmly in English and finally put them on the train.After getting on the bus, three foreign passengers gave her a thumbs-up and their gratitude was overflowing.”Old woman, do you have any difficulty?”On February 18 14 when 40 minutes, in the jishou east station ticket office, from phoenix county miao old woman in the ticket hall back and forth, “old woman, do you have any difficulties?”Wu Han asked in Miao language.”I want to take a bus to Phoenix, but I can’t buy a ticket.”Old woman looks very helpless.”Don’t worry, I will teach you to buy.”Wu han took her to the automatic ticket machine to help her, who could not speak Mandarin, buy tickets, print ticket information, check the seat number of the train and arrange someone to escort her to the car.”In Jishou East Railway Station, there are many ethnic minority passengers, so service in Miao language is our necessary skill.To help passengers, especially those who do not know how to use electronic ticket payment, we have guidance staff who can help passengers in difficulties.””Wu han said.On his first day at mayang West Station, Tian Caicai, the station master, found that many passengers could not speak Mandarin, and sometimes the Miao language was not clearly heard, resulting in poor communication between railway staff and passengers.”I specially adjusted the shift, and transferred the staff who can speak Both Mandarin and Miao to the integrated service desk in the waiting room, so as to ensure smooth communication.”Mo Xinyu, a passenger carrier at Mayang West Railway Station, speaks perfect Mandarin, but when asked to communicate with passengers in Miao, he starts scratching his head.”I had communication difficulties on my first day on the job.Fortunately tian stationmaster arranged 11 will say miao party members workers take turns in the waiting room comprehensive service desk, to provide consulting, ticket, ticket and other services, I will follow every day to practice up.Now Xiao Mo speaks Miao fluently.Today, the “trilingual” service on Zhang Jihuai high-speed railway line has become a landscape of railway services, warming the journey of millions of passengers.China traffic broadcast: elegant correspondent: Liu Wen Xie Xiangyan Xiao Wenmiao copyright belongs to the original author, pay tribute to the original