Spring recruitment is around the corner, beware of scams and pyramid schemes in the name of recruitment

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Modern express news (correspondent Su Gong new reporter Ji Yu) spring recruitment is coming, it is the peak time for workers to go out looking for work, all kinds of “recruitment” fraud also took the opportunity to go out.Modern Express reporter learned from jiangsu police that in February, the province’s public security organs received reports of a five-fold increase in the number of police, criminals generally through online platforms to release false job information, after obtaining the trust of workers, with a variety of reasons such as order, investment, do tasks, defraud victims of money.Scam 1: Online fake job seekers post fabricated job listings on some well-known websites and local forums.They usually attract applicants’ attention with hyperbole such as “high salary needed” and “unlimited education background”.After clicking in, it was found that the specific job description required candidates to further contact by adding QQ, wechat and other ways.After adding contact information, the swindler will ask the applicant to conduct an interview and other procedures in order to stabilize the applicant.In order to further cheat, the swindler will claim that it has been admitted, but to pay a deposit, physical examination fees and other “necessary expenses”, after defrauding the victim of money, the swindler will take the money to escape.The swindler is “doing full play”, is directed at the victim of this several sums of money.Scam two: false recruitment true pyramid selling criminals know some young people eager to find a job and lack of social experience, the mentality of high salary yearning, on the Internet advertising, with “work-study, part-time recruitment, high return” as bait to attract young applicants.When the candidates were convinced, they were asked to pay a fee or buy the product and assigned various “sales tasks.”This kind of “chain sales, franchising, enterprise direct selling, government pilot” under the guise of illegal pyramid selling activities confusing, many people trapped in them.In December 2021, shijiazhuang police broke up a criminal gang that illegally detained victims by means of lectures, brainwashing and intimidation under the pretext of “fake recruitment” and “making friends”, and rescued more than 30 people who were deceived.On January 17, Mr. Wang (a pseudonym) went to the suining County Public Security Bureau development zone police station in Xuzhou to report to the police, said it was cheated in the online brush single.After the police investigation, On January 6, Mr. Wang saw someone in a wechat group to send a recruitment advertisement for agent processing and contacted the swindler. In the step by step induction of the swindler, he downloaded an APP to brush orders, registered basic information and made several orders. Mr. Wang easily earned 200 yuan.See can earn money really, Mr. Wang believed each other.Then, after the other party promised that the higher the advance amount, the higher the commission, Mr. Wang transferred the money to the designated account of the other party in four times.However, when he finished brushing, ready to withdraw the principal and commission, the other side was rejected by “operation error”, “brush 3 orders can be withdrawn” and other reasons, until Mr. Wang realized that he was cheated.Scam four: underground illegal labor security, packers, construction workers……You don’t have to be highly skilled, you don’t have to be trained.This kind does not pay the social insurance, does not sign the labor contract, a car directly “pulls” the job, the laborer’s legitimate rights and interests is hard to get the guarantee.Therefore, job seekers should be on the lookout for illegal “small workshops” and “black factories” and “street parties” in the illegal labor market.Looking for a job must choose a formal platform, understand the nature of the employing unit qualification and other relevant information.Fraud five: fabricate false units in the second half of 2021, Xuzhou Li posing as hospital staff, in the intermediary and online recruitment information, falsely claimed that as long as the payment of 40,000 yuan “registration fee”, can not take the exam directly into the hospital to work.In order to convince the victims, the suspects also hired social workers to act as hospital directors and head nurses to interview applicants, sign fake contracts and make fake name tags, swindling more than 170 people, totaling more than 3.4 million yuan.”So, what should job seekers pay attention to during the hiring process?Please check this guide to preventing fraud.Beware of “shady brokers”.Some illegal agencies charge job seekers various fees in the name of introducing jobs.Job seekers should verify whether the business scope of the intermediary’s business license includes job introduction business and whether it has the Human Resources Service License.Beware of “arbitrary charges”.In the name of work, the employing unit or intermediary agency shall charge registration fee, clothing fee, physical examination fee, training fee, post stability fee, data audit fee and other fees.Keep in mind that the job itself doesn’t cost anything, and you should be wary of interviews that require upfront payment of application fees, training fees, etc.Entry physical examination is to ask job seeker to undertake by oneself to hospital of 2 years above normally, normal unit won’t collect charge of physical examination on behalf of.Beware of “fake part-time jobs”.Some fraudsters in the name of high salary part-time jobs, click the mouse brush can return cash and other pretence, communication network fraud.Job seekers should not be credulous to a good job with easy money, but should establish a correct view of seeking jobs and employment.At the same time, pay attention to the protection of personal information, do not easily disclose bank card, online banking and Alipay password and other information, do not open strange website links at will.Beware of “passport withholding”.In the name of keeping or handling social insurance and wage cards, the employer or intermediary agency shall detain the original copies of the applicant’s personal certificates, such as his/her id card, graduation certificate and degree certificate.Any unit and individual have no right to detain the original documents of others, job seekers should not hand over the original documents of others.If necessary, only to the person concerned.If a photocopy or photocopy of the certificate is required, the specific purpose shall be indicated in an appropriate place.Beware of “training loans”.Some training institutions take “high-tech employment” as bait, promising job seekers to get a job after training, but they have to borrow money from designated lending institutions to pay the training costs.Job seekers should enhance the awareness of discrimination and prevention, before attending the training, the first to see whether training institutions have training qualifications, the second to see whether the scope of business includes training content, the third to see whether the promise of salary and social conditions of the same salary level.At the same time, pay attention to keep enough materials, once found cheated please immediately report to the relevant authorities.Beware of “pyramid schemes”.Illegal pyramid schemes are basically to easily make a lot of money, no interview directly for the gimmick, interview or work place is relatively remote and frequent change, the business of the company can not be clearly explained.Job seekers should understand national laws and regulations prohibiting pyramid schemes and master the basic knowledge of pyramid schemes;Resist all kinds of inducement consciously, firmly believe that “the sky will not fall pie”, set up the prevention 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