Only in Jiangsu!Qiputang in Suzhou was selected as “The Most Beautiful Hometown River” in China

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The second “Most Beautiful Hometown Rivers” list of China has been officially released, with a total of 11 rivers on the list after review of application materials, field visits by experts, public voting and defense by river chiefs.Among them, Suzhou Qipu Tang is the only river in Jiangsu.The 2nd “Most Beautiful Hometown River” List (ranked by administrative region) 1. The 2nd Yellow River in Inner Mongolia (River chief: Guo Zhanjiang) 2.Qiputang, Jiangsu (River Chief: Cao Lubao) 3. Qiupu River, Anhui (Shitai Section) (River chief: Zhang Xu) 4.Xixi jiulong River, Fujian province (River chief: Zheng Limin) 5. Qingjiang River, Hubei Province (River chief: Zhang Wenbing) 6.Guangdong Dongjiang (River Chief: Chen Liangxian) 7. Hainan Meshe River (River chief: Luo Zengbin, Ding Hui) 8.Rongfeng River, Chongqing (Chief: Tang Chengjun) 9. Chishui River, Guizhou (Zunyi Section) (Chief: Wang Haibo) 10.Qingjiang River, Shaanxi province (River Commander: Wu Yuxin) 11. Fenghuang Tuojiang River, Hunan Province (River commander: Tian Jianxin)What is the difference between Qipu River in Suzhou and the “most beautiful Hometown River”?Seven pu tong, also known as seven pu, seven crow pu, seven ya river, QiPu pond, the yangcheng lake to the east of wu pond along the fan many, swinging her into the river, river passing through, xiangcheng district of suzhou, kunshan, changshu, taicang city town 26 village 5, 43.89 km, water area of 2.35 square kilometers, has the flood control and drainage, water resources allocation, improvement of water environment and comprehensive functions.Qipu Pond has been dredged 46 times in history.Through successive dynasties, Qipu Pond has played an active role in irrigating fertile farmland, drainage and flood discharge, shipping and transportation, and is an important flood discharge corridor, ecological green corridor, leisure gallery and cultural corridor in Suzhou.Since the reform of the river chief system was comprehensively deepened in 2017, domestic sewage treatment of enterprises, rural domestic sewage treatment, agricultural non-point source pollution control, pollution control of ship terminals, household waste classification and treatment, and joint treatment of cross-border river roads along qiputang have been fully carried out.By the end of 2020, a total of 3,469 rural households had been treated for domestic sewage, 149 enterprises had been treated for domestic sewage, 15 docks and ships had treated sewage, 25,000 mu of ponds had been standardized, three sewage treatment plants had been upgraded, and two river channels in Nanxiaojing port and Huangqianjing Port had been desilted.At present, the green coverage rate along qipu Tang has reached 71.75%, and the tree species are diverse, and there are scenes all the year round.In 2017, Qiputang was named “The most beautiful Water Landmark in Jiangsu province”.In 2018, Qiputang Water Conservancy Project, Xitang River diversion Project and Xukou Water Conservancy Project constructed Xiputang Water Conservancy Scenic spot, which passed the examination and acceptance of the National Water Conservancy Scenic spot.There are more than 160 branches and rivers in Qiputang, and 11 ecologically beautiful rivers and lakes have been built. It is planned that by 2025, all rivers and lakes along the qiputang are ecologically beautiful.Source: Interchange Editor: CAI Yangyan Review: Zhang Xiang