Fans have been waiting for “Try the World” for a long time, appeared in the scheduled list, let’s wait together

2022-05-11 0 By

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the official account of the TV drama “Try the World” has been very active recently, which not only brings a lot of happy New Year to the audience. According to the official statistics, the TV drama is expected by many fans, but also very famous.It always attracts the interest of the audience, although some period dramas are also aired in the New Year, but the audience still looks forward to Yang Yang’s works.In addition to this, Ruth Zhao’s acting is also good, and the cameos from the trailer are also very good, so as long as the story doesn’t drag on, it will definitely be a hit.”Try the World” appeared in the list of fixed files, the distance from broadcast should not be too far, to sum up, “Try the World” expectation index reached 95%!Show as long as this play on-line will obtain firm film and television status, Yang Yang’s fenglan xi, Zhao Lusi’s white wind xi, coming, you are also in the excitement of waiting?Let’s just wait and see when the show hits the air.