MPV ceiling, let you feel boss treatment, take you to see lexus LM

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Speaking of star nanny car, we often think of Toyota Elfa, Wilfa, single from the beginning of the listing, it has been sought after by many stars, the rich, and even a model is difficult to do.Thus, Toyota’s brand can say that seeing domestic consumers’ demand for high-end MPV, it naturally created the more luxurious Lexus LM, and could not buy it without raising the price.Today we will take you to understand why lexus LM is so popular?Lexus LM network used a mesh design, design to take a mature route.The design of the headlights is very sharp, so that its front face is very generous and spiritual, and the lighting effect at night is very good.Viewed from the side, the Lexus LM has a body size of 5040/1850/1945mm with a wheelbase of 3000mm.The front and rear wheels are 225/60 R17 of the same size, with a multi-spoke wheel rim design.The Lexus LM rear car looks very square, like a big loaf of bread, but that doesn’t hide its noble temperament.Lexus LM car, interior style is more luxurious, with black decorations, the visual effect is very good, equipped with 360 degree panoramic image, front side airbag, active brake/active safety system and other 24 configurations, configuration performance is quite good, to a certain extent to improve the driver’s convenience.The Lexus LM three-spoke steering wheel is huge, feels great in use, and is flexible enough to handle such a large car.Lexus LM seat shape is very good, let you sit on it can feel very comfortable, this seat is a pure white, looks very noble, but too easy to dirty, need to pay attention to maintenance.The rear of the Lexus LM is very spacious, with two independent seats comparable to two sofas, so that the passengers are very comfortable.Lexus LM is a hybrid model, using Toyota’s exclusive hybrid technology, equipped with a 2.5-L four-cylinder naturally aspirated 2AR-FXE engine, with maximum power of 117 HP, peak engine torque of 198 N · m, total motor power 211 HP, total motor torque 409 N · m,It uses Toyota’s E-CVT continuously variable transmission specially designed for hybrid models, which can reach a speed of 152km/h and comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.1L/100km.In general, in recent years, the Lord of high-grade MPV has been occupied by Toyota Elfak, many consumer groups are no longer strange, so Lexus launched LM models, exterior design and interior layout design are better than floor law, Lexus LM is the first choice of most rich.