Land Cruiser 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage

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# Different manufacturers have different marketing strategies for different countries. Some models may only be available in one country. Even though Canada is very close to the US, some models may only be available in Canada, like the Nissan Micra,The only American model is the Toyota Land Cruiser, which was tested.The Canadian test Sequoia is a behemoth and the largest of Toyota’s SUVs in Canada, but the Sequoia is only the second largest car in the U.S. because it is preceded by a more advanced (and more expensive) Land Cruiser.The Sequoia is 205.1 “/ 79.9” / 77.0 “, while the Land Cruiser is 194.9 “/ 77.95” / 74.0 “. While the Land Cruiser is not larger than the Sequoia, it is better off-road than the Sequoia.In appearance, the more than 13-year-old Land Cruiser design is somewhat outdated. The Heritage version tested is the highest version of the Land Cruiser, and most clearly has the “Land Cruiser” badge on the D-pillar.There are also “Yakima MegaWarrior” roof racks on the roof, as well as BBS copper alloy rims.Land Cruiser uses a 5.7-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine with 381 horsepower and 401 pb-ft of torque and 8,100 pounds of drag, making it effortless to pull a boat or RV.With an 8-speed automatic transmission, it can balance power output and fuel consumption.Land Cruiser is driven by a full-time 4WD system,Active Traction Control and Torsen limited-slip Center Differential were installed.The test car only had two rows of five seats, but there was another three-row, seven-seat version.Because of the wide body, so the back row three seats sit down three adults are very comfortable, the back row also has about two zone constant temperature system, plus the front seat two zone, the vehicle has a total of four zone constant temperature system.The front seats are equipped with three sections of heating and cooling function, and can be adjusted by “Auto”. The rear seats are equipped with two sections of heating function on both sides.The steering wheel also has heating function, the steering wheel made of wood and leather, only the leather wrapped position can feel the heat, the wood part is not warm, the wood is beautiful and feel good, but as a steering wheel a little slippery.The center console has a 9-inch LCD screen. The clock and temperature adjustment in the center are still green LED display, which is very nostalgic. There is a trap door in the center with a wireless charging pad inside.Powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine, it is powerful and loud, with a huge body that can walk like a bully on the road, “equal” to pickups and even taller than some of the smaller pickups.The steering wheel twists hard and the power assist is not as powerful as modern cars, but it feels more primitive.The gear lever is arranged in the form of ladder, so it is very convenient to change gears, and it is crisp to enter each gear position. It feels very good, but the disadvantage is that it takes up space.During and Cruiser, I did not have time to test its superior off-road system in the field, which is a pity. What’s more, it is possible that the 2021-type Land Cruiser will be the last year for this car to be sold in North America. However, it is also reported that the next generation Land Cruiser will use Hybrid system.To enjoy the powerful V8 version of the Land Cruiser, the 2021 Land Cruiser may be the last chance!