I never thought that the word “unlucky” came from this way and was related to the ancient imperial examinations.

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I always have a special obsession with ancient cities. Whenever I see those buildings and streets that have weathered the baptism of time, I will be deeply moved.There are more than 100 ancient cities in China, each with unique historical and cultural value.Today, another ancient city – Taining ancient City.Taining is a place I told you about last week.Taining is a subordinate county of Sanming city, Fujian province, founded in 958 AD.Known as “Han and Tang ancient town, song and Song city” reputation.In the Northern Song Dynasty, Taining created the grand occasion of “two No.1 scholars across the river, one four-jinshi, and nine juren in one lane”.I think, even in the whole of China, there are not many places more dignified than Taining.In history, taining has produced 2 No.1 scholars, 54 Jinshi and 101 Juren.Song dynasty celebrities such as Zhu Xi, Li Gang lectured here and spread their ideas.Taining ancient City is located in Taining county, covering an area of 226.5 square kilometers.There are not only the shangshudi architectural complex, which is the best-preserved authentic Ming dynasty residential buildings in Jiangnan region and the national key cultural relics protection unit, but also the buildings of different periods from the early Ming Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty, which is the best-preserved Ming Dynasty residential buildings in Jiangnan region of China.It can be said that the ancient city of Taining is like an open air architectural museum.Walking casually in the old streets and lanes, the buildings on both sides, brick and wood are recording the ruthless passage of time, but the blue sky above is always eternal, people can not help feeling.If you do, recommend three blocks. Be sure to go.The first is Shangshu Lane.Shangshu lane, named after Shangshudi, is the most prosperous and spacious street in the ancient city of Taining.Shangshu Lane is a collection of official mansions, folk houses, ancestral halls, auxiliary houses for production and living, storefronts, ancient streets, ancient lanes, ancient Wells and memorial archways, which is very rare.Along the flagstone road has been walking, both sides have retained the appearance of the past, quite a bit through the ancient times of both visual sense.Follow the sign instructions, went to the front of shangshudi.Taining Shangshudi, commonly known as “Five Blessing Hall”, is the palace of Li Chunye, the commander of the Ming War department and the crown prince. It was built during the reign of Emperor Taiji and has been preserved for more than 400 years.The architectural layout of Shangshudi is rigorous and reasonable, and it is also the largest and best preserved Ming Dynasty residential houses in Fujian.Shangshudi ticket office next to the Li Ancestral Hall, you can also enjoy taining unique Merlin play.I like the atmosphere of Shangshu Lane too much, look carefully, those buildings seem to be silently telling the story of the past.Though dilapidated, the residential buildings are still a refuge for the locals.They were used to the peace of the place and felt that it was the taste of life, as long as they could live in peace.I do not know who the dog, lazy prone, even eyes do not open.At night, when the lights are on, Shangshu Lane looks quite different.Long streets decorated with lights like a long dragon lie across the earth.Into the meantime, the night wind blowing, a beacon of light to the gentle light on the stone road.Shop owners collect early, and business must be far less important to them than spending time with their families.Secondly, jiuju Alley.Said before, taining northern Song Dynasty once out of a lane nine juren, is here.Jiuju lane is located in the west side of shangshu, the ancient city of Taining to retain a relatively complete old street.The alley is not long, but it is antique and original.There are not many people in the alley. Most of the time, only one person walks through the alley to feel peaceful.On either side are the lives of ordinary people, very, very close together.Interestingly, you can see some special buildings in Jiuju Alley, such as evil spirits Bottles.Ancient people believed that this kind of stone carvings like lions and tigers had the effect of warding off evil spirits, and placed on the external walls of dwellings could protect the peace of the house.This is a frieze, a symbol of hakka culture.In ancient times, scholars believed that the imperial examination was the only way to get ahead.In order to get lucky, before the exam, there are examinees’ families will put up a flagpole in front of their house.This is what the locals call “mei”.According to the custom at that time, when the opening, whose examinee in the exam, the original flagpole according to the vertical is not wrong;If he failed the test, he had to remove the flagpole, which was called “unlucky luck”, which is also the origin of the word “unlucky”.The two lintel poles here are made of granite stone, implying that the Hakka people are virtuous, unyielding and talented.In the middle of the horizontal, also exquisitely carved.To be able to read and study in such a peaceful place, a lot of juren zhuangyuan can understand.And finally, Jinshi Street.Compared with Shangshu Lane and Jiuju Lane, Jinshi Street is smaller, and in some places only the blue sky is left, except for the brick walls on both sides.Wandering in the ancient city, from time to time there is no way out of doubt, and a sense of a village.When you walk into a folk house, the walls are covered with calligraphy and painting, which is the main house of the Four Jinshi.I do not know how long these ink, have experienced the years.There is a large screen pasted with the Chinese character “Fu” in the front hall, which is the courtyard around the past.An aunt is fetching water.When drinking water, residents here also used Ming Dynasty Wells. If you look carefully, you can see that the Wells are engraved with “Longqing”, “Wanli” and other years.Some of the dwellings looked deserted, and I wondered what kind of story had happened here before.In addition to the well, running water runs in almost every alley in taining ancient City, which is very convenient for local people to wash their clothes with.Probably when the city was designed, the flowing water was for living purposes.Looking back at the ancient city of Taining, the old streets, ancient buildings, full of endless history.The old houses, the old Wells and the old people who live here are combined to form a deep mark of history. This is the real ancient city.Or many walk, also can touch a few minutes of literary spirit.Travel Guide Address: Taining Ancient City Tourist Area, Shangshu, Taining County, Sanming City, Fujian Province Traffic: Driving: Sanming — Sanming Connection line — Taining County — S205 — Jinhu East Road — Roundabout island — right turn into Heping South Street — Heping Middle Street — right turn into The Store of Taining Jia Meimei On the right Entrance Ticket: free Opening Hours:Throughout the day I am Yan edges with interesting soul I walked on the road to travel photography | | | writing sharing plan monthly premium account qingyun, hundred list creator, CFP/ctrip contract photographer, well-known blogger, high-quality tourism areas creators, weibo signing from media, weibo travel video blogger.