Beijing’s “top 4 Places to pursue stars”!I will go to the dinner circle. I will meet TFBOYS and Zhou Xun when I have enough food and drink

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With the rapid development of mainland entertainment, as well as the influence of variety shows, TV dramas and movies, the number one male gods and goddesses in many people’s minds have changed from Korean stars to mainland artists. However, there are many adults in the land. Where do they go when they meet male gods and goddesses?Take out a small notebook, write down the Beijing star chase good place, until the unsealing set out!Sanlitun business District Sanlitun is arguably the most must-visit and nightlife area in Beijing on weekends. It contains shopping malls, gourmet restaurants and bars, and many celebrities live nearby.In the office building of Sanlitun business district, there are also many brokerage companies, such as tianhao Shengshi, the company of Chen Feiyu and Qi Wei, and the former site of Time Fengjun, the company of TFBOYS, as well as the theater of Deyun She, the “crosstalk leader”.Located in the center of Beijing, Nanluoguxiang is the oldest existing street in the area, and also a representative of Beijing’s old hutongs. The whole street is antique, where you can see many hundred-year-old houses and buy a lot of novel food.Because of the beautiful streets, many programs are filmed here.In addition, actress Zhou Xun also bought a siheyuan in Nanluoguxiang with an asking price of over 100 million yuan. Maybe you will have a chance to meet a goddess when you come here!Address: Gulou East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing798 Art Zone belongs to the cultural and creative zone, which is composed of art galleries, cultural and creative shops and brokerage companies. The whole zone is full of artistic atmosphere. You can buy a lot of original good things, and it is also quite suitable for taking beautiful online photos.In addition, Chen’s husband Chen Xiao is often caught by fans in the gallery in 798 Industrial Park because he likes to watch art exhibitions.Address: 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Opening Hours: Art Center, Exhibition Hall – Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 to 18:00 The China Media Group (China Media Group) is located in Xicheng District, also known by netizens as “big pants” because its building looks like pants.When it comes to CCTV, surely will be associated with the mainland’s annual Spring Festival gala, Spring Festival gala is usually divided into several days of rehearsal and video, and to show the stars, also will go one by one go in from the gate, including TFBOYS, yi-bo wang and others, so every year there are hundreds people and fans gathered, and see if I can see an idol.Address: No. 2 Fuxingmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China Although the current epidemic is still in a serious state, but do more homework can not lose!When the seal is opened, I hope everyone can hold a happy mood, provide the guide to eat, drink, buy a lot of shopping, travel can also burst the good luck, encounter their favorite idol oh!