What are the pits of old tea?Friends who love old tea must have a look, don’t fall into the pit

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A tea friend wrote: “Isn’t it said that the older the tea, the more rare it is?Why is the market selling every year?”Yes, especially the Old Icelandic tree tea, which is often reported to have extremely limited annual production, and as a result, almost everyone has it?Shop goods, broadcast room also goods, feel how to sell are not sold out?In fact, this is the pit of old tea.A few days ago, I saw a tea friend post: “I can drink millions of tea for a few hundred yuan?”The first time I saw it, the word “dream” floated out of my brain.Some tea friends said, “I have bought the yellow, red and green prints of Chinese tea in its early years, but I didn’t know they were fakes until I learned about tea.”There are tea friends in the tea city encountered a fake song Pin horn.Being really poor limits my imagination.In this big world, only you can’t think of, nothing you can’t buy.However, there are many pits in the market, specially set for old tea enthusiasts.The level of fraud, year by year, even the insect bite marks on cotton paper are very well done.Would you say horrible?Where there’s a profit, there’s a pit.The pits of old tea are everywhere.Why does old tea have so many pits?There is no denying that the charm of old tea is really charming.In the tea circle, is unanimously praised.Tea lovers love old tea as much as raw tea.In addition, in the past, new tea was stimulating, and many people could not stand it, so they could only drink old tea, which confirmed the status of old tea.Therefore, just had the artificial pile fermentation, just had today’s cooked tea.This is enough to see people’s love for old tea.Good old tea is really fascinating, the taste of the time melting in the tea, the silky melting in the blood, the mellow in the heart, it seems that all unwilling, can be with a cup of old tea, drink.It is because of the tea friends’ desire for old tea, plus the real old tea is less, urging a variety of high imitation technology, out of the various fake old tea.Fake old tea? Who ends up selling it to?Tea xiaobai, old tea is like a legendary character, only heard of its legend, the heart is turbulent.Plus don’t know much about tea, easy to be cheated.Old tea fanatics, crazy about old tea, once there is a chance, they will not let go.The obsession in the heart, easy to lose yourself.Nouveau riche (tuhao), like to install culture, high-grade, not true or false, only care about the grade is enough.Speculators, look at the value of old tea, this kind of person is also easy to be fooled.I hope I don’t have you.