Star show New Year’s Eve dinner: “zhao four daughter-in-law” the home places dish best, the Spring Festival Gala lunch box of ying er becomes bright dot

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On New Year’s Eve, every family is celebrating the Year of the Tiger, and celebrities are no exception. Most of them return to their hometowns for family reunions, while businesses take advantage of the holiday to show off their new looks and dinner for the Year of the Tiger.In addition, there are a lot of artists at this time are in the background of the Spring Festival Gala, eating the box lunch of the Spring Festival Gala crew, although the conditions are difficult, but because of the upcoming Spring Festival Gala and feel very motivated, let’s take a look at the stars’ New Year’s Eve dinner!On New Year’s Eve, Guan Xiaotong shared a beautiful photo of herself and made a rare appearance with her pet. She captioned the photo: “A hot dinner and a homecoming atmosphere in Shenzhen. I wish you all a happy Year of the Tiger.”In the photo is Guan Xiaotong’s New Year’s Eve dinner, which is very sumptuous, including crab, prawns, ribs and so on. It looks delicious and appetitive. After seeing Guan Xiaotong’s news, everyone has sent their wishes.I hope guan Xiaotong can create more excellent works in the next year!02 Yue Yunpeng Yue Yunpeng also sun out of their New Year’s Eve dinner, but the difference is that Yue Yunpeng sun out of the meal is more simple, not quite in line with the identity of a star, and ordinary people.Among them are braised pork and fish, and some vegetables. There are only six dishes. I don’t know whether the others are missing or only six dishes are made, but yue yunpeng’s dumplings at home are oddly shaped and quite attractive.At the end of the sun also posted their own photos, as always funny temperament reflected incisively and vividly.Yue yunpeng’s simplicity has been praised by many netizens. As a star, he does not lack money, but he does not waste money, but is as simple as ordinary people, which is worth learning from the public.In addition, many netizens said that the Spring Festival Gala without Yue yunpeng’s participation is soulless. I hope Yue yunpeng will appear in the Spring Festival Gala next year and continue to bring joy to everyone.Zhang Yixing has posted his nine-file selfie, which shows him in a blue hat and black mask, giving the camera a thumbs up and full of energy.He also posted the lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, a total of 12 dishes, looks like a combination of meat and vegetables, dishes and soup, very complete, very rich.He captioned it: “Have dinner with my mother to celebrate the New Year.”I have to say zhang Yixing has made a lot of progress this year. He worked with Sun Honglei on “Black Storm” to rave reviews, and this time, zhang Yixing has proved his acting skills to everyone by making the transition from a popular actor to a real one.I believe zhang Yixing will have a promising future in performing arts. Let’s look forward to it!Ge Huijie, wang feng’s ex-wife, also posted a picture of her New Year’s Eve dinner. She wrote: “New Year’s Eve, get rid of your troubles and welcome the New Year. I wish my family and friends happiness throughout the year and everything goes well.She posted a picture of her New Year’s Eve dinner, saying there are two dishes she cooked, and asked everyone to guess which two?According to Ge huijie’s words, she went home to spend the Spring Festival with her family this year. She said she was very happy to stay with her family.Over the past year, Ge Huijie has worked very hard and often updated her works on her short video account. Her daughter Little Apple is becoming more and more beautiful, and she even released new songs. Now Ge Huijie can be called a winner in her life, what do you think?05 xiao element clear “country love” in the actor Xiao element clear of zhao four daughter-in-law also update dynamic bask in gave New Year’s Eve dinner, have to say, the New Year’s eve dinner of her house is the most abundant really, meal is hard, and place dish is optimal.With broccoli put out a rich tree, with fish put into plain sailing, scallop dish is also very hard.Xiao Element clear is very satisfied to this, express, what no matter eat first is what, spend idea to do seriously namely this kung fu strength, have year flavour very much.Indeed, in recent years, the Chinese New Year has no atmosphere more and more, thank xiao Element qing, let everyone feel the atmosphere of the full flavor of the New Year, this New Year’s Eve dinner should be very hard.Yinger Yinger posted her New Year’s Eve dinner two hours before the gala began. Since she was performing skits on stage with Wang Lei and Sun Tao, she had to use lunch boxes at the backstage of the gala instead.Look from the photo, Spring Festival evening backstage is far from being so luxurious before the stage, everyone is sitting in a chair in a respectful manner, some look left and right, some lower the head to play mobile phone, also some people are resting on closed eyes, Ying er is holding a box lunch in both hands, her left sitting Sun Tao, right sitting Wang Lei.Both of them were staring at the food in Ying’s hand, and netizens joked: “The person next to you seems to want to eat it too.”The Spring Festival Gala’s boxed lunch became a highlight, not only four dishes and one meal, but also many individually packaged meals, including the “intrigue” jia mentioned in the skit.But I still have to say, every artist is hard, New Year’s Eve can not be reunited with their families, there is no decent dinner, in order to bring joy to everyone, silently rehearsed for several months, it is really not easy.Stars of the New Year’s Eve dinner of all kinds, some family meals are very rich, but also some more simple, Spring Festival gala background box lunch has been playing its normal level, from the dishes and dishes, and last year seems to be little different.Finally, I wish everyone a happy New Year and a happy New Year’s Eve dinner!