Shanxi is unique 211 university, obtain employment situation how, how many minutes of the college entrance examination can take an examination of this university

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Shanxi Province’s higher education resources are like yellow land, relatively “barren”. During the construction period of project 985, only Taiyuan University of Technology was included in project 211, and there were no 985 universities.In the period of “double first-class” construction, Taiyuan University of Technology is the only university with first-class discipline construction.The second round of “double first-class” results will be announced, looking forward to a breakthrough.Domestic universities have begun to announce the employment quality report of 2021 graduates. Let’s learn about the employment situation of undergraduates in Shanxi Province’s only 211, first-class discipline construction university, where the graduates go to work, and how many scores can be admitted to this 211, first-class discipline construction university in 2022.In order to 2022 high school candidates to fill in the college entrance examination for reference.According to the available information, the overall employment report of Taiyuan University of Technology has not been seen, but part of the employment situation is presented in the form of colleges, mainly including the data of school of Civil Engineering, School of Big Data, School of Electrical and Power Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, school of Mechanical Engineering and so on.Several schools have different data dates, basically as of the beginning of December 2021.The employment rate of 2021 graduates of the College of Civil Engineering is 87.39%, among which, signing tripartite agreements and employment contracts are the main choices of graduates, with a signing rate of 42.70% and a graduation rate of 31.63%.41.96 percent of the graduates joined fortune global 500 companies, among which China State Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. accounted for the largest share of 23.93 percent, followed by China Railway Engineering Group Co., LTD. (10.20 percent).Companies with the largest number of employees include China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., LTD., China Railway 12th Engineering Bureau Group Co., LTD.The employment rate of college graduates from the School of Big Data reached 87.11%, of which 34.22% signed employment agreements.The proportion of employment in the form of labor contract was 1.33%, that of domestic study was 15.11%, and that of other forms of employment was 26.67%.In terms of the nature of contracted employment units, only private enterprises (other enterprises) employed the most graduates, accounting for 61.43%, while state-owned enterprises employed 24.29%.The overall employment rate of the School of Electrical and Power Engineering is 73.58%, including 67.06% for undergraduate students, 100% for master’s and doctoral students.Employment unit are mainly concentrated in the national Power grid Co., Ltd., China southern Power grid Co., Ltd., Weichai Power Co., Ltd., of the elegance and information equipment Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Power (group) Co., Ltd., China’s energy construction group in Shanxi Province electric Power company, shaanxi automobile group Co., Ltd., Harbin turbine works Co., Ltd., bydLimited liability company and other high-quality enterprises.The employment rate of college of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is 82.10%, among which the employment rate of undergraduate graduates is 74.55%. The employment rate of applied chemistry is the highest with 79.75%, followed by process Equipment and Control Engineering with 75%, and chemical engineering technology with 72.07%.The proportion of graduates entering state-owned enterprises accounted for 45.36%, and the top three employers were Shandong Xinhecheng Holding Co., LTD., Shanxi Northern Xing ‘an Chemical Industry Co., LTD., and Wanhua Chemical Group Co., LTD.The overall employment rate of architecture school is 77.67%, and that of undergraduate graduates is 74.73%, among which the employment rate of industrial design major is 75.31%, and that of urban and Rural Planning major is 75.00%. Generally speaking, the employment rate of the three majors is not much different.The College of Mechanical Engineering has 4 undergraduate majors, namely mechanical Design and Manufacturing and automation, vehicle Engineering and engineering mechanics, and mechanical and electronic Engineering. The overall employment rate is 80.75%.Among them, the employment rate of undergraduate graduates is 75.77%, and that of master graduates is 98.53%.Overall, the employment of undergraduates significantly lower than the graduate student, reflects the degree of the influence of the job, that is why one’s deceased father grind toll continued to rise in recent years, more and more high to the requirement of degree of unit of choose and employ persons, most graduates reality under the pressure, also have no choice but to force to one’s deceased father grind road, increase competitiveness.According to the admission score reference, in 2021, in the A section of the first batch of undergraduates in Shanxi Province, the lowest score of ordinary science is 548 points, 43 points beyond the first-line; in the A section of the second batch of undergraduates, the lowest score of ordinary science is 501 points, 4 points below the first-line;Lowest mark of science of a batch of times in Shaanxi province 537 minutes, exceed a line 94 minutes, advantage major admits mark to be above lowest mark even generally 15 minutes or so, admit mark is not low.Admission scores of other provinces can be queried through the official website of the school, no further details.Taiyuan University of Technology is very good in terms of employment, especially the employment advantage of graduate students is obvious, the admission score belongs to the above medium level, as the only 211, first-class discipline construction university in Shanxi Province, it is worth considering the high examinees in this score section.