Qimen County large tan township: send the law into the village to protect the peace of the law publicity warm people

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To build the franco-prussian propaganda atmosphere, enhance the masses’ satisfaction and law-abiding consciousness, qimen big temple township took advantage of a large number of migrant workers returning, Feb. 10, GaiXiang ZongZhi center combined township judicial, civil affairs, federation, deep schiscosomiasis security office and other departments, to carry out the post-holiday “send method to the countryside” campaign, “package”, under the rule of law for local people to the festival.Set up a legal propaganda platform to publicize law on the spot.Peace volunteers taught by far square screen, hanging banners, distribute all kinds of law publicity materials, to provide consultation to form under the rule of law, combining with the rural revitalization strategy, in-depth publicity anti-triad putting, fraud against cults, electricity, road traffic safety and safeguard legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers and so on is closely related to people’s production and living of the laws and regulations,We will further enhance farmers’ awareness of safeguarding their rights and the rule of law.Carry out precise method popularization training in groups and households.Volunteers activities, peace into people’s homes for the franco-prussian propaganda and training, careful and meticulous explained how to prevent telecom, Internet fraud and publicize the constitution “civil code” and other relevant laws and regulations, and grant publicity materials to residents and evil handbags, guide the masses to abide by the laws and regulations, through legal and rational litigation ways to safeguard their own lawful rights and interests to solve the problem.The propaganda car of rule of law goes deep into each village group to tour broadcast.The township government continues to broaden the publicity channels, rich forms of publicity, the use of publicity vehicles into the area of the village group to actively carry out the fight against telecommunications fraud, anti-cult and other publicity activities, vigorously promote the construction of safe towns, achieved good publicity effects.This activity distributed all kinds of legal publicity materials 500 copies, gave 100 anti-evil handbag, answered more than 80 people.By sending the law to the countryside publicity, not only let the grassroots people learn more legal knowledge, but also enhance the masses of the “handle matters according to law, find the law when things happen, solve problems and use, resolve conflicts by law” consciousness, really create a “small things do not go out of the village, big things do not go out of the countryside, contradictions do not hand over” harmonious and safe environment.(xiao-ming fang
Ye Ye) source: Zhongan Online