Make dumplings, cook mutton rice…Employees of overseas Chinese enterprises had a New Year’s Eve dinner in advance

2022-05-09 0 By

This article was transferred from;Chinese New Year is the most important event, of course is together with relatives and friends, eat dinner, but in the “area” all the way along the key projects – salman king of Saudi Arabia energy at the scene of the city, because of the New Year’s eve and the Spring Festival is the local working days, family reunion dinner is the annual 26 a day ahead of schedule, foreign employees also took the children together to make dumplings.For Li Chengxiao, 25, from Sichuan province, this is his second Spring Festival at the project.Taking advantage of the free time in the afternoon, Li chengxiao called his father, who was thousands of miles away in his hometown, to say that he was safe. During the call, li still remembered the taste of his hometown.Chef Hao knows everyone’s expectations for the New Year’s Eve dinner, and the most important one is dumplings.Foreign staff and children are also eager to learn, but also in the bread of the local characteristic fruit – date, hoping that the next year will be sweet.Hossem Ali, a foreign worker at the King Salman Energy City Project, says he feels China is growing and getting stronger every year.He is especially proud to work for a Chinese company.Li Hongbing, project manager of King Salman Energy City, said, “This is the last weekend before the Spring Festival, and they use this day to celebrate Chinese New Year’s Eve and Spring Festival earlier, because Chinese and foreign employees still need to work overtime during the Chinese New Year to ensure the smooth completion and handover of the project.”Although the dinner time of New Year’s Eve is advanced, there are many big meals as well.The chefs not only prepared hot and cold Chinese dishes, but also prepared a special Saudi lamb rice, which symbolizes good luck in the coming year.As the big brother in the team, Li hongbing has spent more than a dozen Spring Festivals overseas.He said it was a pity that he could not spend the Spring Festival with his parents after so many years, but seeing the progress of the project, he felt that his efforts were worth it.(Media Reporter Li Chao)