Jinan Daxihuan project mechanical and electrical, greening engineering construction drawing design document review will be held smoothly

2022-05-09 0 By

In the afternoon of February 17th, the provincial Department of Transportation organized a review meeting of construction drawings and design documents of electromechanical and greening engineering of the second ring Road west Ring section of Jinan Ring Expressway.Provincial Department of Transportation engineering construction affairs center, Shandong High-speed Group Co., LTD., Shandong high-speed construction management group and other related units and invited experts to attend the meeting.The meeting listened to the report of the design unit and the consulting unit on the construction drawing design and consulting results of mechanical and electrical engineering of the whole project, the interworking ramp circle and the greening engineering at the tunnel entrance, and reviewed the relevant drawing materials.The expert group believes that the compilation of construction drawing design documents is based on sufficient basis, the standards and specifications are properly quoted, and the design is reasonable, which is in line with the relevant provisions and requirements of the Compilation of Highway Engineering Capital Construction Project Design Documents by the Ministry of Transport.According to the characteristics of jinan Daxi Ring Project construction, combined with relevant construction standards, the expert group fully discussed and put forward revision opinions and suggestions, which laid a solid foundation for building “quality West Ring”.The next step, Jinan Daxihuan project company will not rely on, accelerate the progress of project construction, to “create a better way” as the mission, to promote the “six type mountain high” system engineering construction.