A man tried to “skate” from the highway back to Guizhou, but traffic police promptly dissuaded him and offered help

2022-05-09 0 By

On the morning of March 26, 2022, the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department highway Traffic Management Bureau received the command from the bureau command center that a man was roller-skating on the expressway from Harbin to Shuangcheng direction, which was very dangerous and could easily cause traffic accidents.Provincial public Security department highway traffic management bureau ha double brigade duty three squadron received instructions immediately after the police road investigation, in the Beijing-Harbin highway 1184 kilometers, found the man and quickly took it away from the highway.It is understood that the man is now 22 years old, his hometown in guizhou Province Hezhang county rural areas, these years has been working in Harbin.As a result of recent period of time work unit benefit is not good close down.No new job, no money, no friends, no contact with family.Now want to return home to buy train tickets no money, took biscuits and water, want to slide back to Guizhou home, did not think just on the high speed not long was discovered.After the police understand the situation, the man will be brought to the office to have a good rest, brought him lunch box and other food.At the same time, the man explained the harm and serious consequences of roller skating on the highway, as well as the laws and regulations violated by this behavior, but also let him watch the provincial public Security Department highway traffic bureau, Harbin double brigade duty three squadron propaganda classroom propaganda board and video propaganda film.The man was educated and warned that he would never do such illegal and dangerous things again.At present, the man is awaiting nucleic acid reports.The squadron will then take the man to a rescue station in Harbin to buy a train ticket for his return home to Guizhou province.This station reporter | summer rain, heilongjiang traffic radio)