Three fishing people songhua Lake walking net by five hungry wolves siege, the battle had to throw fish to buy road escape

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The 75-year-old educated youth still has a lingering fear of being trapped by five wolves on the frozen Songhua Lake and having the back legs of his cotton-padded trousers ripped open.Lou Ming was an educated youth who went to the countryside at the end of the 1960s. He went to the countryside in Gaotaizi Village near Songhua Lake at the foot of Changbai Mountain.Soon after he went to the countryside, he was transferred to the fishermen’s team of the production group. In spring and summer, he drove a boat to cast a net on Songhua Lake, and in winter, he cut holes in the ice of Songhua Lake and walked the net to fish.That winter, he and two fishermen were surrounded by five wolves on the ice of Songhua Lake, and nearly lost their lives, which still makes him shudder to talk about it.That winter, songhua Lake ice just to half a foot thick, Louming gaotaizi village three fishermen out of the lake.The river wind was strong that day, and the snow on the ice was swept clean by a strong northwest wind.In this freezing weather, the lake was almost deserted.Three people take turns with ice bracelet click click chisel out of the ice hole, and then use the net out of the ice hole in the broken ice, and then leave one person squatting ice hole ready to walk the net, the other two people ran to 200 meters away to chisel the other end of the ice hole.The lake between these two ice holes is connected with four 50-meter-long hanging nets.Only by cutting holes in the ice at both ends can a rope be tied to the net at one end, and the net can be pulled out at the other end to pick up the fish.When all four nets are pulled out and all the fish are caught, the depth of the net can be adjusted according to the number of fish and the position of the fish, and the net can be dragged into the ice hole again with ropes.Lou Ming’s fishing team made four trips under the ice of Songhua Lake.★ Keep the ice hole Lou Ming was surrounded by three wolves Lou Ming that day is a separate dragnet walking fish, the other two fishermen Lao Zhang and Lao Li to 200 meters away to dig the ice hole.Soon, the ice hole in the distance was made and the net rope was tied.After one shout from Lao Zhang, the second one stopped abruptly.Lou Ming looked at Lao Zhang and saw that his waving arm was lifted in the air but suddenly stopped, just like a sculpture.Dig holes in the ice and scoop up the ice with a net.Lou Ming looked at Lao Zhang strangely and shouted: Can you walk the net?Lao Zhang and Lao Li in the distance did not call out, but both extended their arms and pointed to Lou Ming’s two sides.Lou Ming turned his head and was petrified.Three wolves from out of nowhere surrounded him from three angles, no more than twenty paces away!When Lou Ming saw them, the wolves opened their mouths, showing their white fangs, and whined with a terrible noise.Seeing a Wolf up close for the first time, Lou Ming panicked.He wanted to run, but he could not escape from the three wolves.Can a two-legged man outrun a four-legged Wolf?This is it! This is it!He quickly shouted: The Wolf is coming, you two come and save me!”Then I looked for something to beat the Wolf everywhere, but unfortunately this was the frozen Songhua Lake, and I could not find even a branch and a stone.The three wolves roared and approached.Lou Ming had to grab the ice from the hole to throw the Wolf.The Wolf was afraid at first, but after a few throws, the remaining pieces of ice were no longer a threat to the Wolf.Then the Wolf became more unscrupulous, lowering his head, opening his mouth, grinning his teeth, and growling closer and closer.★ Rescue Lou Ming members were blocked by two wolves in the middle of Lao Zhang and Lao Li is the local members, see Lou Ming’s situation is more and more dangerous, know that once the young people were bitten by the Wolf responsibility is not small, hurried to string the top rope tied on the handle of the net, the net cross in the ice hole, so as not to be dragged into the ice hole.The two of them then shouldered the ice body, Shouting and running towards Lou Ming.Lou Ming took a look at Lao Zhang and Lao Li running in the distance and felt relieved. However, he immediately found that the two men had just run 100 meters when they were stopped by two wolves who came out of nowhere.The intention of the wolves was clear: they would not be allowed to join Lou Ming.Meanwhile, the three wolves around Lou Ming began to narrow the circle. Their heads were lowered, their teeth were bared, and they whined. Their eyes stared at Lou Ming fiercely, slowly approaching him.Lou Ming finished throwing ice, unarmed, anxious cold sweat.All he had with him was a small climbing plough and a sack for the fish.The sacks were useless, so he turned with both hands, armed with a small climbing plough, against the three attacking wolves.The three wolves seem to know that the little climbing plow is just Lou Ming’s spiritual sustenance, no impact, so continue to howl and approach.The two members of a hundred meters away were blocked by two wolves.★ Lou Ming fight three wolves, two pant legs were torn by the Wolf Lou Ming eagerly look at the distance, but the three wolves took the opportunity to attack, parallel, at the same time jump, so that Lou Ming can not be prevented.Louming made a sharp turn with the small plow and knocked down two wolves close to him. The third Wolf was about to bite Louming’s leg and was hit hard on the head by the plow.The Wolf suffered a loss and retreated quickly. The situation improved slightly, but the Wolf’s heart did not die.They changed their tactics, a howl of the main attack, that way, teeth, claws, forward, unstoppable.Lou Ming took up the climbing plough and threw it at it with all his might. Unexpectedly, two wolves took the opportunity to attack Lou Ming, hissing twice and tearing open his legs. The smell of human body wrapped in the cotton pants immediately came out.It was too much for the three hungry wolves.Lou Ming’s back legs turned cold and the wind rushed back.Smell the human scent of the Wolf more excited, began to struggle to separate attacks, one Wolf main attack, two wolves feint.If Lou Ming hits the lead Wolf, the other two wolves immediately become the lead Wolf.Lou Ming was attacked on both sides and was in danger at an instant.★ Three members of the songhua Lake fight five wolves fortunately old Zhang and Old Li see Lou Ming critical, poured life waving wooden handle iron ice bracelets ran over.The three wolves who attacked Louming suddenly smelled the rust of iron ice bracelet and immediately fled from Louming.The Wolf is afraid of iron!At last the three men came together, but armed only with a wooden handle and an iron bracelet, a small climbing plough, and an empty sack to carry the fish, it was too difficult for them to defend themselves against five fierce wolves with sharp teeth.The five wolves joined up and became powerful.They immediately adjust tactics, two wolves wrapped hands with ice bracelet, so that he had no time for him, the other three wolves focus on attacking Lou Ming and another beat empty sacks of the members of The Old Li.Wolves will never lose the opportunity of the beast, a serial attack, so that three people even scared tired, sweating.Look at the lake. There’s no one there to call for help.It’s a hell of a call.At first, Lou Ming could not hold back and cried: we can’t run back today, the Wolf is too strong!As soon as he cried, the young commune member, Lao Li, began to despair.The five wolves were observant and took the opportunity to launch a more violent attack.Lao Zhang had to shout: Three back to back!Three people are a desperate resistance, barely beat back the five wolves.Lao Zhang suddenly shouted, Lou Ming, walk the net quickly. If we feed the hungry wolves with fish, we can get out.Lou Ming immediately grabbed the net trembling and began pulling it up through the ice.Strangely, the five wolves who were trying their best to attack gradually slowed down their attack speed, and the five pairs of wolves stared at the nets.Before long, a catty big crucian carp appeared on the fishing net.The five wolves immediately fixed their eyes on the silver fish and slowly moved toward the net.Old Zhang saw the way and shouted, “Grab the fish and throw it away.”But Lou Ming was frightened by the Wolf and was in a hurry. It took him a lot of effort to pick the carp. He threw it out, but it was only ten paces away.Old Zhang hand cross ice body hurried two people walk net, so Lou Ming drag net, Lao Li pick fish.Lao Li was more experienced than Lou Ming and could hold his breath. He picked a fish and threw it far away.The five wolves went after the fish that had been thrown farther away.Their pressure was suddenly relieved.But the fish are too small, all about a jin.A hungry Wolf gulps down his food in two bites.Lou Ming can only speed up to drag the net, Lao Li quickly pick the fish, and then throw the first fish in the opposite direction.This made the five wolves pant for breath.★ Three people rely on throwing fish to feed the Wolf, to escape back to the village fish head is small, but a lot of fish hanging net.With his own hands, Lao Zhang threw several fish farther away, provoking the wolves to separate after the fallen fish.Lao Zhang urged Lou Ming and Lao Li to quickly pack the rest of the fish into sacks.Look at five wolves still fighting for fish in the snow.Lao Zhang shouted run!At once the three men pulled up the little climbing plough and ran away.After a while, the Wolf ate the fish and chased them.When the three men saw that the Wolf was approaching, they threw a fish into the distance.The five wolves rushed after the fish again.Obedience is repeated.He ran to the edge of the village, and there were few fish left in the sack.The five wolves probably had enough to eat, and when they heard the barking of dogs in the village getting closer and closer, they had to leave sulkily.The Wolf siege on Songhua Lake was the worst nightmare of my life, says Lou, 75.