The $100 billion market has been won by China, 137 countries have signed agreements with Beidou, and the US GPS monopoly is no longer in use

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After the end of world War II, human society entered a long time of peace, and the speed of scientific and technological development in various countries has enabled people to enjoy the convenience brought by science and technology.Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, China has lagged behind developed countries in many cutting-edge fields of science and technology. This is all because we started late and from a low starting point.However, with the unremitting efforts of Chinese researchers, China has made remarkable achievements in many fields, and even some technologies have surpassed those of European and American countries.GPS system lose monopoly position for a long time, the United States with a powerful military force bullying in the global scope, but the us aircraft carriers in the south China sea waters is own GPS global positioning system, GPS system to know the United States is pioneer of global positioning system (GPS), long-term market monopoly the global navigation system.In overseas wars, GPS has helped the US army accurately strike military targets in Iraq, enabling the US army to win the war in a short period of time.As early as last century, the United States successfully developed THE GPS global positioning system, so the use rate of GPS in the world is very high. Because the Technology of the United States is several decades ahead of other countries and relatively mature in the market, many countries have cooperated with the United States.However, this situation has become history after the advent of China’s Beidou system.In fact, after the successful networking, Beidou is ahead of THE US GPS in many aspects.In order to get rid of the US GPS as soon as possible, China has decided to develop its own navigation system from a strategic perspective.Nowadays, with the growing maturity of the BDS, it has realized full networking and started global business.The REASON why the US aircraft carrier could not obtain positioning signals in the South China Sea is that the first thing the Beidou satellite did after completing its network was to replace 156 navigation markers in key waters.China has taken a stand in the area of positioning, telling the US that GPS is not a panacea.At present, China’s BDS has been recognized by 137 countries around the world, and signed a cooperation agreement with China. With the continuous optimization of the BDS, more and more mobile device manufacturers will support the BDS in the future, and the BDS will usher in a 400 billion market explosion.The construction of the Beidou system for search and rescue work and command work, can be carried out easily, now the beidou three generation system has been able to achieve “centimeter-level” positioning.Now that the Beidou system has been widely used in many countries, China has proved to the world that it is not only the United States that can develop cutting-edge technology.The GPS system of the United States still occupies an important position in the global application field, but the United States keeps reaping “leeks” with this advantage and tries to interfere with the development of other countries. The emergence of China’s Beidou has successfully broken the monopoly of the United States and provided better services for the whole world.Some sources: Huai ‘an Broadcasting and Television Station