Sewage inspection well mold Drainage inspection well mold (role)

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Sewage inspection well mould drainage inspection well mould (role) is mainly steel mould produced to meet the prefabrication or cast-in-place processing of assembled reinforced concrete inspection well. Sewage well mould and drainage well mould are mainly round and rectangular, supplemented by Q235 steel plate welding.According to the previous construction cases, the sewage inspection well mold adopts the prefabricated mode operation is very much, so that it can cooperate with different pipe sizes, and the sewage well inner diameter is numerous, the whole sewage well is divided into three parts: upper, middle and lower.The main material of sewage inspection well mould drainage inspection well mould (role) is concrete material, after a multi-channel processing process, it forms the inspection well prefabricated products we use now, so in the late maintenance, the need for regular testing.Sewage inspection well mould drainage inspection well mould (role) is satisfied with the construction of municipal and rain sewage engineering drainage in various regions, and the construction speed of assembly inspection well is fast, the service life of inspection well is long, and it has been popularized and applied in the urban construction of various regions.Referring to the production standards of different types of inspection Wells such as sewage Wells and drainage Wells, Lichang Xiaobian has developed a series of production guidelines to meet the production plans of inspection well molds of different sizes.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Lichang mold knowledge