Draymond Green: I’ll be MVP if I win in 2016, but Durant won’t be here

2022-05-08 0 By

Warriors forward Draymond Green talked about the 2016 Finals during a podcast.”I’m not sure if I could do it again at that moment [when Green returned fire after lebron James stepped over him, leading to a one-game suspension] I would do it again because of my growth.I don’t regret the way I reacted, and the only reason I can’t promise I wouldn’t have reacted is because if someone stepped over me, it’s natural for me to ask you to step out of the way. That’s my nature, and I don’t want anyone to step over me.But I know, I feel like lebron lured me into it, and I know he can’t get me to do it again if he’s doing it now.But I don’t regret it, because shit happens all the time, and I learned a lot from it.And if we do win that series, we don’t have Kevin Durant, and if we don’t have Kevin Durant, I’m not sure our reign will last.If we win two titles in a row and then don’t win again, we won’t be regarded as the same dynasty, so it’s all give and take.What I feel bad about looking back is that I would be finals MVP, and that would completely change the way people look at me. If I was Finals MVP, it wouldn’t be possible to leave me out of the 75, it wouldn’t be possible to say I’m not a Hall of Famer.”Green also said he thought his tiebreak performance was one of the best in history.