Carbon monoxide poisoning incidents caused by burning charcoal for heating increased emergency deployment of prevention work in Guangxi

2022-05-08 0 By

Source: Chinanews.comCharcoal burner heating caused by carbon monoxide poisoning Emergency deployment of guangxi prevention addition to nanning February 6 (Wang Lingyun Event) on February 5th, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, the prevention of occupational carbon monoxide poisoning joint conference office held an emergency video conference, deployment of prevention of occupational carbon monoxide poisoning, asked to concentrate on the propaganda and education of the landlord and the tenant,Remind landlords and tenants to carry out regular gas self-inspection and self-correction, carry out household inspection again, and supervise and urge rectification in a timely manner.Recently, Guangxi continues to keep the rainy and cold weather, the number of non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning incidents and deaths have increased compared with the same period last year, most of which are caused by charcoal burning for heating.On February 3, two non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning incidents occurred in Nanning, resulting in two deaths.One of the elderly people left a charcoal basin in his bedroom when he slept.The prevention of non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning in Guangxi has many work points, long and wide areas, great difficulty and severe situation.The emergency video meeting requirements, the relevant departments at all levels in guangxi should further compaction compaction to prevent the work responsibility of management of occupational carbon monoxide poisoning, to concentrate on the villages and towns CunTun propaganda education, township, village and household CunTun cadres, hidden trouble MoPai and safety warning, residents of found unsafe, supervise and urge the rectification immediately.At the same time, Guangxi will also highlight the publicity and education of students and parents, using school information, wechat groups, QQ groups to carry out online safety education, strengthen the connection between home and school, jointly build a defense line of safety.Editor in charge: Zheng Xin