Beijing disappear assist releases machine of lampblack to compare test result: 30 samples are all qualified

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China consumer reports Beijing dispatch (reporter Wan Xiaodong) to guide consumer rational choose and buy, reasonable choice product, recently, Beijing consumer association entrustment in home courtyard (Beijing) detect attestation limited company to develop machine of lampblack of absorb compare test.It was found that the performance indexes of 30 samples all met the requirements of the standard and energy efficiency label.It is understood that the comparative test samples were randomly purchased from the e-commerce platform by the staff of The Beijing Consumers Association as ordinary consumers, involving 14 brands and 30 product models, with the purchase price ranging from 999 yuan to 3699 yuan per set.According to GB 29539-2013 Range Hood Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Levels, GB/T 17713-2011 Range Hood, GB 19606-2004 Household and similar Electrical Appliances Noise Limits,Detection items include noise, air volume, maximum wind pressure, instantaneous odor reduction, normal odor reduction, full pressure efficiency, standby power, shutdown power, oil separation degree.Full pressure efficiency: its numerical value is bigger, the motor efficiency that explains product of lampblack machine is taller, more energy saving relatively.After testing, the full-pressure efficiency of “Haier CXW-219-EC905T” is 23.8%, which is relatively low.Normal smell reduction degree: the higher the value, the better the exhaust and purification effect of oil smoke and dirty air per unit time.After testing, the normal odor reduction degree of 30 samples is above 97.0%.Standby power and shutdown power: The lower the value, the more energy is saved.After testing, the standby power of “Shuaikang CXW-268-S8907” is 1.58W, which is relatively high;The shutdown power of Wanhe CXW-318-J728A is 0.70 W, which is relatively high.Oil separation: oil fume separation refers to the degree of oil separation, when the lampblack machine in the specified test conditions, the ability to separate oil from the oil fume gas.The oil separation degree of 30 samples was above 90%.Among them, the oil separation degree of “Shuaikang CXW-268-S8807S” was 92.4%, which was relatively low.Air volume: air volume basically examines the change air speed of lampblack machine, air volume is bigger, the eduction speed of lampblack is faster, can in time the lampblack eduction of the kitchen.According to the test, the air volume of “German-Italy CXW-258-856A” is 16.3m3/min, which is relatively low.Maximum static pressure: mainly evaluates the ability of range hood to resist public flue resistance.The greater the wind pressure, the less the influence of the resistance in the public flue and the outdoor backdraught on the smoke exhaust effect.If the smoke exhaust pipe is long or connected to the public flue, because the smoke exhaust pressure loss is very large, more wind pressure is needed to ensure that the smoke will be discharged.According to the test, the maximum static pressure of “Haier CXW-219-EC905T” is 383.6Pa, relatively low, while the maximum static pressure of “Germany and Italy CXW-268-836A” is 1097.1Pa.Instantaneous smell to reduce degree: instantaneous smell to reduce degree to basically examine the smell that range hood machine is in short time to reduce efficiency, basically be aimed at user when stir fry, instantaneous produce a lot of lampblack circumstance.The higher the smell reduction, the faster.After testing, “Oulin CXW-268-F201N” instantaneous odor reduction degree is 67.3%, relatively low.Noise: all 30 samples meet the standard requirements. The measured value of some samples is higher than the express value, but within the allowable range.After test, the noise of “Shuaikang CXW-268-S8907” is 72.1dBA, relatively high.Beijing consumer association reminds consumer, machine of lampblack of choose and buy should basis dimensional circumstance, decide type.Lampblack machine can be divided into Chinese style, T, side suction type, 4 kinds of latent suction type by its exterior shape.The width of the lampblack machine of the mainstream on the market at present basically has 750mm to 900mm a variety of dimensions, general Europe type lampblack machine (T, side suction type, latent suction type) width is 850mm, when choose and buy must look at product parameters.According to the floor of the building, determine the air volume.The air volume of range hood sold on the market is generally 15 to 24m3/min, and the wind pressure is generally 260Pa to 700Pa.Before buying, should be in according to the height of the building and floor, kitchen area size, choose the lampblack machine with appropriate air volume, the air volume of lampblack machine is not bigger better, enough can, because the air volume of lampblack machine increases in the meantime, noise often greatens subsequently.If it is a high-rise building or a large kitchen area, consumers can choose to reduce the instantaneous smell and a little air volume of the range hood.Select functions according to your needs.In recent years, appeared on the market heat melts oil from clean lampblack machine and steam wash from clean lampblack machine, these lampblack machine can run regularly from clean program to undertake the cleanness of machine interior processing.The lampblack machine can be reduced into the inner cavity of the lampblack machine through the pre-filter, and the user cleans the pre-filter regularly, which can prolong the cleaning cycle of the inner cavity of the lampblack machine.In addition, there are more and more additional functions such as gesture control, video and audio entertainment functions, and menu recommendation. Usually, the more functions a product has, the higher the price is.Additional, consumer is in use and when maintaining, should notice to avoid cook to end turn off lampblack machine immediately after, correct use method is cook begins to open, wait until the end of whole cook 5 to 6 minutes shut down again, can discharge the harmful gas that remains inside the kitchen the largest degree so.To often check the situation of power supply cord, if it is found that the power supply cord of range hood machine is damaged, we must contact range hood after-sales service, by professional personnel to check and replace.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: