A play a city and see pingyao another night

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When you go to Pingyao, a performance of “See Pingyao Again” is an indispensable choice for tourists. One opera and one city have been integrated.Although affected by the outbreak, the performance has suspended, but pingyao county, Shanxi Province impression culture tourism development co., LTD. Has been doing a lot of perfect promotion work, including strengthen epidemic prevention and control facilities, adjusting and optimizing the content, maintenance upgrade lighting audio equipment, etc., for the outbreak, to visitors a unique pingyao the night.In November 2021, Jinzhong City “See Pingyao again” Cultural Industrial Park was selected into the first batch of national night culture and tourism consumption agglomeration area list.The cultural industrial park is located in the west side of pingyao ancient city, is located in the city commercial circle, on the above the intersection of the ancient city of area, relying on the world cultural heritage ancient city of pingyao, around the performing arts culture brand IP and pingyao, built the performing arts, such as hotels, restaurants, business district industry sector, enrich the culture and tourism forms, efforts to foster Shared between subject and object in the ancient city of pingyao better living space,The “See Pingyao Again” cultural industry park, which integrates cultural and tourism industries and is supported by diversified formats, will be built to continuously “light up” the night tourism economy of pingyao Ancient City.”See Pingyao Again” Performance scenic spot for creating pingyao IP a performance, an experience, tell a good story of Pingyao.”What pingyao people do is not business, but virtue.”A resounding line, let “See Pingyao again” situational experience play in the hearts of tourists.The situational experience drama “See Pingyao Again” is a story about the inheritance of blood, which is explored and narrated by Wang Chaoge’s director team. It integrates pingyao cultural symbols such as Jin merchant culture, bank number culture, biaoju culture, architectural culture, folk culture and traditional values of the country and the world into the story, taking the audience back to Pingyao one hundred years ago.Experience jin merchant’s sincerity, faith, righteousness and pingyao people’s benevolence, righteousness and other qualities.The single performance of the play lasts 90 minutes, and there is a regular performance every afternoon and evening. The “marching” mode allows visitors to follow the development of the plot and walk in different scenes.The visitor is both an audience and a witness of the story.The performance is highly interactive and experiential.”‘ See Pingyao Again ‘is hard to get.Performances sometimes run five times a day until 23 o ‘clock.”According to Wen Jinhui, deputy general manager of Pingyao County Impression Culture and Tourism Development Co., The attendance rate for both 2018 and 2019 shows was 100 percent.On weekends and statutory holidays, the company also increases the number of performances based on tourist demand.By July 2021, the show had been performed for 5,993 times, with a total audience of 4.02 million.”We will also regularly invite Wang Chaoge’s director team to conduct on-site ‘diagnosis’ based on the feedback of tourists and changes in market demand, and optimize project details to adapt to the audience’s changing demand for performance and experience.”Wen Jinhui said.Impression New Street scenic area for the release of brand effect a play, a street, continuity, unique charm.At present, “See Pingyao Again” has developed from an performing arts project into a cultural and tourism complex integrating sightseeing, experience and conference.”In recent years, the annual revenue of tickets for the situational experience show” See Pingyao Again “continues to exceed 100 million yuan, and the annual revenue of accommodation and catering in the park will also reach 100 million yuan.We uphold the concept of ‘product industrialization, industrial park’, drive the development of the park through performing arts, all the tourism elements into the layout, and strive to expand the brand of “See Pingyao again” into an industrial IP with cultural and tourism elements.”Kang Qingfeng, director of “See Pingyao again” cultural Industrial Park, said.Taste special food, invite several friends to go shopping, sit and drink tea with relatives and friends…As night falls, history and modernity, tradition and fashion converge, and visitors can indulge in the old city’s nightlife.In 2018, as a comprehensive supporting project for IP expansion of “See Pingyao Again”, the cultural and tourism business district with Impression New Street as the core was officially put into operation.The brand effect of “See Pingyao Again” continues to expand.It is understood that the cultural travel business district, as an extension of the performance of “See Pingyao again”, takes the restored real scene of the Republic of China block as the carrier, and creates 8 theme hotels with cultural elements such as “See Again, The Republic of China, Meditation, pear garden, lacquer art, light and shadow, wedding custom, tea ceremony”.Supporting the construction of pingyao old restaurant, again see one side, again see old hot pot, again see snack city, vegetarian restaurant, Provan Western restaurant, Chinese restaurant in the Republic of China and other 7 restaurants and pingyao traditional shops, popular with tourists.”I often come to Pingyao because of my work.Every time I have dinner and tea here with my friends and have a good time together.”Taiyuan citizen Wang Liwei said.”See Pingyao” theater night scenic area for graphic travel integration into an ancient city, a park, cultural travel integration, to create beautiful business cards.In recent years, Pingyao County vigorously carried out purification, lighting, greening projects, under the premise of good protection of cultural relics lit up the city walls, city buildings, four streets, eight lanes, 72 living streets and lanes.The night view of the ancient city and the beautiful scenery of the park complement each other, constantly improving the tourists’ night travel experience.At night, the theater of “See Pingyao Again” sparkles.”See Pingyao Again” integrates pingyao culture into theater architecture, actors’ costumes, actors’ lines, etc. Everything in the theater tells pingyao stories and conveys the charm of Pingyao.The scene experience drama “See Pingyao Again” not only enrichis tourists’ experience, but also drives the development of night economy in Pingyao Ancient City. It complements other cultural tourism projects in Pingyao Ancient City and attracts a large number of tourists to stay and stay.According to understand, the park is also planning to launch the two tourist routes, guiding tourists in two to three days of travel, swim jstars courtyard, pingyao ancient city, such as scenic spots, the performing arts and pingyao, “and see pingyao” cultural industrial park in the area to go shopping, eating, understand business culture, shanxi pasta, pingyao story, experience folk customs, etc., relying on the advantage of pingyao tourism,Strive to build the park into the city of Shanxi “meeting room”.At present, the park continues to deepen the integration of culture and tourism, closely focusing on core industries such as performing arts, hotel, film, cultural and creative industries, and has hosted 5 Pingyao International Film Exhibition, the 21st Pingyao International Photography Exhibition, and the 3rd Pingyao International Sculpture Festival, attracting tourists from all over the world to Pingyao.Kang Qingfeng introduced that the operation of “See Pingyao Again” cultural industrial park has comprehensively promoted the development of tourism elements such as food, accommodation, travel, tourism, shopping and entertainment.As of July 2021, the situational experience drama “See Pingyao Again” had achieved a cumulative revenue of 662 million yuan and created more than 5,000 local jobs.Next, “and see pingyao” cultural industrial park will continue toward forms agglomeration degree is high, public services, high brand awareness, good direction and standardization of market order, honing the and pingyao situation experience quality, polished and pingyao acting brand, brand spread and influence will be further expanded.Enrich the park’s night consumption products, “light up” Pingyao’s night economy, and foster a new driving force for the integrated development of culture and tourism.(Author: Wang Wenhua;Editor: Yang Shuo) Original title: “One Drama, one City and Another Night in Pingyao — The First Batch of National Night Culture and Tourism Consumption Cluster Area series report 8”