The latest scam you can’t guard against!This is how I fell into the trap

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Please read patiently, beware of being cheated!I was a young man of no great age, in my early thirties, single.Career is a small success, corporate executive, annual salary of hundreds of thousands, even in a single man is a lot of money.Over the years, there have been a lot of people to introduce girlfriends, but I have not met a happy person, maybe because of my high vision, ordinary women do not enter my eyes.Fate this thing say to come, a few days ago know a woman, called xiao Wen, 28 years old, long not too beautiful, but very pleasing, very temperament, with a pair of glasses, gentle lady fan.Unlike the girlfriends I used to date, Wen never made demands on me, and I never bought her a gift except for dinner and coffee for a month.Xiao Wen’s own condition is very good, not rich that expensive, driving a car hundreds of thousands of, wearing the belt is also luxury enough.From her mouth I know that her family is very background, her father is either a big cadre or a big entrepreneur.Xiao Wen is also very busy, a lot of time we just met she was called away by the phone, listen to her answer the phone, in the unit is also in charge of the character.These days I smile from the face, quite satisfied with the small wen, you think, rich status background girl, that man does not like?In the heart vowed to be good to her, cherish the fate, xiuchengzhengguo.Xiao Wen called, said tomorrow her father’s birthday, let me go, take this opportunity to let her father meet me, I almost jumped up excited!Wen sent her home position, I look, ho!It’s a rich neighborhood. It’s full of single-family houses.Thinking of her father’s birthday tomorrow and my first visit, I had to get pops something!Thousand pick ten thousand choose, feel ordinary gift take not move, chose a value of more than two hundred thousand watch.Xiao Wen’s father’s birthday, there were a lot of people, her father was very happy to see me, I think my impression is still good.When they left, Xiao Wen gave me the watch back, said it was too expensive to accept.How can we take back what the big man gave away?In my case, xiao Wen finally took it.From that day on, Xiao Wen took me, today to introduce my bestie to know, tomorrow with I saw a relative, not a month, I buy gifts spend out of the money has been more than one million, during the return gift four and a half million.I feel a little wrong, sure enough, one day xiao Wen’s phone can not be reached, after a few days of my investigation tracking, finally understand that he was cheated!This is an organization at all. The people XIAO Wen led me to meet are actors, father, best friends and relatives. They are all in the same team, and they rent luxury cars and villas.The villa receives me one day, someone else the next, and so on.The wisdom of these cheats, is not only to receive your gift, but also constantly return gifts, let me relax vigilance, calculate down, deduct the other party return gifts, I lost eight or nine hundred thousand.Crooks are everywhere, impossible to guard against!