Skoda Xin Sharp Green out acts as a call for low-carbon living

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Spring, green bloom, the annual Arbor Day quietly.However, Arbor Day is not only about planting trees, but also advocating ecological civilization and low-carbon life.For example, in daily life, choose an energy saving, environmental protection, low fuel consumption travel tool.Skoda Xin Rui with environmental protection production and manufacturing technology, good fuel economy to harvest more and more consumers.Excellent production technology to create green car environment in the production and manufacturing stage of Xin Rui, the initiatives to advocate energy conservation and environmental protection are everywhere.Neutral paint coating process and electrophoretic fourth generation RoDip technology make paint spraying more efficient and environmental protection.In addition, Yizheng factory also added the reclaimed water reuse system in the waste water station planning, and the ultrafiltration technology treated the qualified waste water deeply and then used for water replenishment in the circulating cooling water system of the energy center, which effectively reduced the water consumption of yizheng factory’s bicycle production and greatly saved water resources.In the manufacturing process of Xin Rui, Xin Rui strictly implements the Control standard of Volatiles in Cars issued by Volkswagen, strictly controls the content of VOC in cars, and controls the content of 8 harmful substances such as formaldehyde in raw materials below 30% of the national standard line, fully ensuring the health of passengers on the bus.Good fuel economy Practice green travel With good fuel economy, Skoda Rapid actively creates low-carbon life, but also reduces the daily car costs for consumers.The whole xin Rui system is equipped with a 1.5L engine that conforms to the national vi B emission standard. Its maximum power is 82KW, the maximum torque is 145N.m, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100km is only 5.6L, providing users with a green way of travel.It is worth mentioning that the exhaust side of the engine increases the VVT, by adjusting the exhaust valve opening and closing time, more optimized combustion efficiency.New matching variable displacement oil pump and cylinder truss mill optimization with simulated cylinder head further reduce oil and fuel consumption.The cruise control function of The Xin Rui can be turned on when the speed exceeds 30km/h, avoiding the owner’s right foot stepping on the accelerator for a long time, alleviating driving fatigue and being more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.In addition, the engine start-stop function of The Xin Rui also makes the vehicle make full use of every drop of fuel during the stopping and starting process, improving the car economy.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: