Lishui, Nanjing: the traditional fragrance of tofu symbolizes the year of “blessing”

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“On the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month, it is time to make tofu.”In the past, from the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, every household kitchen began to busy, on this day all pay attention to grinding to make tofu, meaning “all blessing”.Nowadays, it is hard to see the scene of every household grinding tofu, but people still do not let the festival table without tofu.At Zhou Dongxiang’s tofu shop in Caojiaqiao village, Baima Town, business is especially hot before the Spring Festival.The reporter came to the door of the tofu shop, a light bean fragrance.Zhou Dongxiang, the owner of the tofu shop, and her husband are busy. The small shop is full of customers waiting to make tofu.Zhou dongxiang, 69, learned how to make tofu from her father-in-law after she married her husband in Caojiaqiao village as a young woman and has loved it for decades.Zhou dongxiang says there are at least 10 steps to make tofu, from bean selection to pressing, and the process is very complicated.In order to make tofu taste good, it is key to choose round and plump soya beans.Soybean selection, soaking also pay attention to, generally speaking, soybean need to soak a night, to be good soybean bubble and then ground into soybean milk.Zhou dongxiang now uses a beater instead of a hand grinder because of the number of people who made tofu in her shop years ago, but the rest of the process remains traditional.The next step after grinding the beans is to filter the beans. A large piece of gauze is tied to a stand made of crossed sticks, which is a simple filter bundle.Filter out the soybean dregs, heat the filtered soybean milk in a large pot, wait for the soy milk to boil, after about three minutes of cooling into bean curd, it is necessary to point the milk.Point the gypsum on the tofu, then scoop out the tofu and put it into the wooden box with gauze, squeeze out the moisture in the tofu with the box lid, and then the cube tofu is made. This step is not only the key to the finished tofu, but also the most test of skills.The tofu made by Zhou Dongxiang is not only of high quality and good taste, but also of large quantity. Customers only charge a small processing fee to bring in soybeans, so many people come to her house to make tofu.One villager, Li Jigen, told the reporter that he comes here to grind tofu every year before the Spring Festival to feel the “old taste on my tongue” produced by traditional hand grinding.The reporter remembers the taste of the New Year, always ringing with the sound of squeak squeak grinding, floating with full tofu fragrance.Grinding tofu before the year, the next year will be more happy, the old craft handed down from generation to generation, is a traditional culture, but also a warm heart and warm stomach thick flavor.Rong Media reporter Lin Lin