In January 2022, the operating development index of China’s plastic template industry was 35.4%

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1. Statistical Situation of plastic Formwork industry According to the questionnaire data of Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) of China Plastic Construction Formwork Enterprises in January 2022 collected from 28 key enterprises in China by China Infrastructure Materials Leasing and Contracting Association, the industry operation and development index was formed.In January 2022, the operating development index of China’s plastic template industry was 35.4%, down 6.2 percentage points from the previous month, and the index was in the shrinking range.In terms of sub-indexes, only supplier delivery time index and production and operation activities are expected to be on the line between boom and bust.Production index, new order index, existing order index, finished goods inventory index, purchase price index, purchase volume index, main raw material inventory index and employment index are all below the expansion/contraction line.Reflecting that enterprises are in the year-end payback period and the Spring Festival is approaching, their willingness to invest in reproduction has dropped sharply. The two important indicators of this month, the production index and the product order index, were 28.2 and 30.4 respectively, which were the main reasons for the contraction of the overall index.The production index was 28.2 percent, down 9.7 percentage points from the previous month, below the line between expansion and contraction.Affected by the Spring Festival holiday and the spread of the epidemic, the capacity of enterprises has not been released, indicating that the plastic template market due to the lack of new order index, production showed a significant contraction trend.As the chart below shows, the new orders index was 30.4%, down 9.2 percentage points from the previous month, remaining below the line between expansion and contraction.Affected by the year-end closing, market demand slowdown and other aspects, the number of new orders sharply reduced.As shown in the figure below, the index of existing orders was 28.6%, down 5.9 percentage points from last month, showing a low running trend.The new orders index gradually fell, resulting in a reduction in the accumulated backlog of orders.In the changing process of economic cycle, the change of new order index and existing order index is basically consistent.As shown in the figure below, the finished goods inventory index was 48.2%, 10.2 percentage points faster than last month, showing a recovery momentum.The gap between supply and demand reserve to normalize repair, index increase or two reasons, enterprises intentionally enhanced product inventory, to meet future market expectations;Due to the rain and snow weather and the approaching Spring Festival, some projects have been suspended or delayed.As shown in the figure below: The purchasing quantity index is 45.7%, 11.2 percentage points faster than last month, showing a trend of rising against the trend, reflecting the stronger changes in the purchasing intention of enterprises, which is in the same direction as the future expectation of enterprises.As shown in the chart below, the purchasing price index was 44.6%, up 3.2 percentage points from the previous month.The price index is still running in the contraction range, the price index in recent three months the purchase price index is bullish.As shown in the figure below, the sales price index was 42.9%, 1.5 percentage points faster than the previous figure. The index was still below the line of expansion and contraction, and the growth rate was limited, so it was difficult to form a benign development trend.As shown in the chart below, the rental price index was 37.5%. The rental price index was below the line of expansion and contraction, down 3.9 percentage points from the previous month and running at a low level.As shown in the figure below, the profit level index was 37.9%, 11.1 percentage points lower than last month. The profit level of enterprises fluctuated under the pressure of cost and payment collection.The raw material inventory index was 41.1%, up 1.5 percentage points from the previous month.As the purchasing quantity index grows, the raw material inventory index increases accordingly.As the chart below shows, the employment index was 34.0%, down 7.4 percentage points from the previous month, which is in the low range.It reflects the cyclical change of personnel flow in enterprises near the Spring Festival.As is shown in the chart below, the supplier delivery time index is 55.3%, which is 1.8 percentage points higher than last month.It shows that supplier delivery time continues to accelerate as orders decrease.As shown in the figure below: The expected index of production and business activities is 59.0%, accelerating by 9.0 percentage points compared with last month. On the premise that both production and new order indexes are in the low adjustment range, the index increases significantly, reflecting the bullish trend of the industry development of the post-holiday market, as shown in the figure below:January coincides with the end of the year and the beginning of the year. The internal focus of the enterprise gradually shifts from production and operation to payment collection, and the overall business activities show a slowing down trend.Despite the general decline of all sub-indexes this month, the expectation index of production and business activities climbed to 59.0%, a sharp increase of 9 percentage points from the previous month, which is the highest in nearly seven months, indicating that enterprises are more confident about the development in the future.With the elimination of Spring Festival holiday factors, and the warm weather, enterprises focus on work, the production and operation activities of enterprises will be more active in the future, the industry is expected to “turn from negative to positive” to present a normal operation situation.At the macro level, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and The State Council have made decisions and plans to improve the core competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, strengthen and improve the real economy, implement policies to cut taxes and fees, ensure supply and keep prices stable, and take great steps to help enterprises overcome difficulties, invigorate market entities, and improve the quality and efficiency of the industrial economy.In the next phase, as the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy continue to work hard, solid progress will be made in the construction of 102 major projects identified in the 14th Five-Year Plan, and local government special bonds will be issued at a faster pace, and nationwide fixed asset investment is expected to be further stable and improved.Plastic template enterprises should seize opportunities, constantly improve their ability, follow the direction of industrial policy, diversified enterprise service fields, deeply grasp digital and intelligent construction, actively integrate into application practice, enhance the toughness of the industrial chain, and promote the formation of industrial structure ecological.Note: 1. The purchasing managers’ index (PMI), is based on the statistical summary monthly survey of purchasing managers of enterprises, establishment of index, which covers the enterprise procurement, production, circulation and so on each link, is the international general macroeconomic situation, one of the leading index monitoring has strong prediction, early warning role.PMI usually takes 50% as the cut-off point of economic strength. When THE PMI is higher than 50%, it reflects the economic expansion of the industry.Below 50%, it reflects the contraction of the industry economy.2. Currently, the statistical work has selected four subdivisions of buckle scaffolding, aluminum alloy template, protective platform and plastic template, which are highly concerned by the industry. In the future, other fields will be gradually developed according to the development needs of the industry.Special thanks to the following data collection units (in no particular order) :Far to send new material Co., Ltd., guangzhou cow a worker technology Co., Ltd., jiangxi xin sheng new building materials Co., Ltd., chongqing PuDan industry &trade Co., Ltd. Wuhu Conch Profiles and Science Co., Ltd guizhou detailed service of energy-saving building materials Co., Ltd., jiangsu prosperous new material Co., Ltd. Suzhou the wave of new material technology Co., Ltd., jiangsu lang roth composite materials Co., Ltd. Hebei mulder rubber and plastic technology Co., LtdDeep mengcheng hin rhett building materials co., LTD. Shantou special zone rock lost plastic new material co., LTD., fujian xin prosperous new energy co., LTD., zibo macro plastic co., LTD shijiazhuang male new new environmental protection building materials co., LTD. Shaanxi day its sheng wood plastic technology co., LTD. Fujian, new building materials co., LTD., anhui heng sen new material co., LTD. Suzhou city hengda sheng environmental protection new material technology co., LTDHebei Chen xin rubber products co., LTD., nantong Greg environmental protection technology co., LTD. Gansu province xin sheng plastic building templates, chongqing source new material technology co., LTD. Fujian province China new material co., LTD., guangzhou put new material technology co., LTD., henan blue section material co., LTD., hebei south island building template co., LTD., hubei wide new materials technology co., LTD. (note:Welcome to reprint, please indicate the source, the source of “China Infrastructure Materials Leasing and Contracting Association”.