Free blood donation warm Yuanxiao love achievement reunion

2022-05-07 0 By

Yuanxiao, Fuyang Yinhu street Hongzhuang village organization to carry out “blood donation warm Yuanxiao · love achievement reunion” free blood donation activities, let sweet into warmth, let love into spring breeze, with practical action to pass the most sincere warmth and blessing.Facing the cold wind, the staff of the village committee, villagers’ representatives and Red Cross volunteers came to the activity site early to get ready for today’s voluntary blood donation activity.Less than 7:30 in the morning, the scene has many warm-hearted villagers waiting in line.Under the guidance of volunteers, we patiently fill in the form, check up, register, test, get on the car to collect blood, the whole process is standardized and orderly.In the blood donation team, there are “veterans” who have donated blood for many years, and “recruits” who have donated blood for the first time. There are also many bright “husband and wife” and “family photo”. We all feel very proud to participate in the voluntary blood donation activity.”Husband and wife team” Ding Dongdong and Roy are both Party members and have participated in voluntary blood donation activities for many years.Roy said: “Today I learned about the hematopoietic stem cell donation program. As long as I collect a few hematopoietic stem cell samples during blood donation, I can give more patients with blood diseases hope to live. So I signed up for it without hesitation, hoping to do my part to let more people feel the warmth of society.”