Dream west tour: five open player get brand first, after encounter variation baby, also too comfortable

2022-05-07 0 By

Fantastic journey to the West is staged every day wonderful anecdotes.Sincerely wish to give me some attention to the friends can make a fortune as soon as possible, take no level, to achieve our childhood dream!The comfortable day of the five open player just finished dress copy, come out to grab the night fork, but suddenly between the system prompts he got a special amnesty order card, he is the first time to know this copy actually will also give the order card, he happy of all can’t find the north.Good thing is not over, grab the night after he went to the proud warehouse to save some things, but near the warehouse and saw a mutant black bear spirit, just began he thought it was the refresh of the mutant monster.Mutant black bear essence sells in the millions, so he’s got two brands at once.The male or female still has garbage beast to decide ah these days light sees the person basks in this New Year activity 17 class when get this advanced beast to decide.And almost all of them are very valuable tall animals, and have never seen a garbage animal.Today, finally has the player basked in he got the senior negation belief beast decision.Now we can play the New Year at ease, no longer for whether to brush the ring task and tangle.At first, everyone thought the animal was worth a lot of money.It is well known that the vast majority of people are at a loss, and that only a lucky few will make money.Can be like the following kind of dog support behavior, we look good, do not imitate, because this is a very small chance of the event.This player does not normally touch ammunition.I don’t know what went wrong today.I walked by the arms stall because I had over $10 million on me.So I picked up two bracelets at the booth.Can not think of is, after the identification of the first spirit ornaments on the three attributes.Although there is no bomb achievement, but this and the three defense price is almost the same.