, and?China and Russia issued a joint statement to support each other on the Ukraine and Taiwan issues.

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According to the reference news “reported that in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, Chinese leaders attended the opening ceremony, and issued a notice said that the cooperation between the two countries between China and Russia is no forbidden zone and there is no limit to, in addition to between the two countries will also be on a series of the interference problem for the western support and rely on each other,China said it would support problem of processing between the two countries to Ukraine, Russia also said it would support problem of the Taiwan strait, this also caused the America and Japan and other countries in a the urgent attention, they believe that the statement published means between the two countries will have closer cooperation in the future, once the two countries, the United States issued by a set of policy measures,Will be nothing.China-russia bulk commentators have pointed out that, in fact, China and Russia have announced in bulk at the moment, because the United States has a series of touch the core interests of the two countries, the United States first aid urged NATO to Ukraine, and also within the territory of Ukraine to deploy a large number of advanced weapons, threatening Russia’s national security,Secondly, they are constantly pointing fingers on the Taiwan issue, and the US-Japan alliance has been providing so-called political support to the DPP authorities. These two behaviors have deeply touched the core bottom line of China and Russia. Therefore, this is why China and Russia need to work together to deal with the US behavior.Win-win co-operation between the two countries, in fact, the Russian military strength, especially of nuclear weapons and power nearly as much as the us therefore Russia can still and American rival on military power, and China’s economic development has been faster in recent years, and during the outbreak of the first countries to restore economic growth, the us action drove a big economy and a military superpower bulk,It shows how bad their behavior is.And the Russians have now come to terms with the reality and given up their illusions about the US, which during the Trump administration had fantasized about joining forces with Russia to contain China’s development, which now seems naive.Borrow the winter Olympic Games in Beijing this time, the two countries show confidence in the future cooperation between the two countries, not only for to counter the recent series of behavior, but also to surrounding countries show our aspiration for peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation, and the western countries always since the cold war mentality, making in their eyes hold the rest of the development and prosperity,The COLD War mentality of the United States has made other countries in the world see their true colors more and more clearly, which means that in the future, other countries will be more inclined to cooperate with a win-win country like China, while the Values of the United States will be gradually abandoned.Some sources: Defense Times