The original god eight heavy god son 0 life is worth smoking, whether will be smoking, thinking of the heart at the beginning of that year married

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I’ve already had a trip.Therefore, you have to like me to reach the end, in their own eyes, leaving the precipitation of the world.Hi, I’m Boyue and thanks for opening this original fugue.Boyue will often share some original god information and strategies to everyone, hope that everyone can defeat Tianli as soon as possible, out of Tiwat.It’s time for the gap between the original version of god. In the first half of version 2.5, many players will appear the Yaeba God son who has been missing for a long time. Maybe some players will think that she is just a quick cut deputy C.For kryptonite nature does not matter, ordinary players basically take a 0 life, the most character outbreak and then a special force, so 0 life fox and special force is necessary to smoke, boyue gives you some reference suggestions ~01 Yigeiko positioning role positioning: a can continue to output in the background, have the ability to explode thunder C.Introduction: Can be understood as Fishel e and God in ayanwa’s big combination, 3 killing sakura can be longer discharge on the field, which is the best teammate for some need to hang thunder team, at the same time god son e skills have many ways to strengthen the damage, only look at the output is feasible.Quick cut’s explosive ability also makes it difficult for her to steal other c’s battle time, such as Childe vacuum c, can cut shenzi out to play.For some players who join in the middle of the game, there are more or less one or two station C players, but there are not many high bursts in a short period of time, more are some secondary C or support roles, then draw a Yageiko can improve the team output of these players.Those who want to tune electrical or other lightning response teams:Elements to be familiar with is very important for eight heavy son of god, can promote e skill damage, so many players will go to this property, element and element master is also damage calculation coefficient of main reaction, plus e skills of high frequency ray, means that the eight heavy response team will be very popular, son of god here one of the most simple combination is the son of god with tranquil.Xp draw card: you can never lose xp, as long as you like this character, there is no reason to hesitate, and there is no up pool role.Future: version 2.5 does not have the most suitable relic for kamiko, which means her potential could be huge, especially as an aid to hanging thunder.This side of the heart when the sea early married, with the help of her mother’s family, has successfully promoted after the sea and sky.Brief introduction: the output of the eight heavies is definitely improved, if the strength party has additional stone worth drawing, this weapon pool is also very good.But if only as the first to hang thunder to use, it is not urgent to smoke, take a 4 star vagrant movement or the world can be used.In addition, the kamikaze of Explosion Flow can be used with version 2.5, which can recharge faster and release a big attack.04 life introduction: finally look at the next life, the impact of the eight god son or some, her own energy is not too good, 0 life without thor and enough to charge the big move may not follow up, if there is no thor player, only 0 life eight god son, silent do hang thunder members more real.05 summary: There is still a big gap between the thor and no Thor, which belongs to different gameplay, we can decide according to their own team situation.And special forces to enhance the strength of the war is greater than the life seat, pumping to 0 life or recommended to draw special forces first.You are a person who has crossed the sky and the sea of stars. Etch history in your memory, so that you can go with you to other worlds in the future.Follow Boyue and cross the world with you.The original sacred relic mechanism and permanent pool may change. Do you need to hoard the original god music when meeting?This is a 1600 stone exposure for the new sacred relic of the mandrill. The health drop effect increases by 66%. Players with mandrills are happy