Peerless Tang door: Donger won again, zheng Zhan takes the initiative to propose to have a chat with Donger

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Zheng Zhan offers to have a chat with Donger.Hello, everyone, this is New Orchid said anime, peerless Tang men comics 312 words has been updated.Tang door this opponent is Ming Yuzong, Ming Yuzong since the sun and moon empire, natural tang door has a strong hostility.However, their pre-match provocation was a lonely provocation.After all, season dust sword meaning very harsh, few people can enemy, Mingyuzong natural lost face.However, although the season of dust helped, but the season of dust out of the movement almost caused a war of words.After all, season dust and jing purple smoke is to stay in the imperial imperial soul mentor college, now they are in tang door, laugh at the world of mortals gas mouth not choose words, said they are two defectors.Season dust this ignored, but jing purple smoke can not make the world of people comfortable, so she refuted back.Plus laugh at the world of mortals really no reason, so laugh at the world of mortals gas also don’t know what to say.Add to that the fact that the referee came to stop it, and the war of words became even more muted.With the arrival of referee Zheng Zhan, tang door and Ming Yuzong of the game also finally began.Tang door side of the first appearance is still donger, Ming Yuzong there is you Chen.Donger is at war with you Chen, can actual strength is suppressed originally, but the means of you Chen is very strange, so although this match is donger unilateral finish abuse you Chen as before, but this still is a quite wonderful match.After all, the double blade stab of deep and remote Chen can hurt the soul of Donger, sufficient what double blade stab in the hand of deep and remote Chen is fierce.Even zheng War this title douluo also couldn’t help but praise you Chen, you Chen praise focused on the realm of attack is very good.After all, the damage is strong enough that sometimes it does smash everything with ease.And Donger has not used the second soul, so relatively less resilient first soul light goddess butterfly will be stabbed to the double blade is not strange.But, you Chen thinks oneself that double blade thorn evolves into the strongest recruit ghost thorn can defeat donger, that is you Chen thinks too much.Because donger but haotian hammer such soul, deal with the ghost thorn but easily, after all, haotian hammer hardness is not a small ghost thorn can be compared.And before Donger do not use haotian hammer, but also because the opponent does not need to meet Donger.Now, because of the means of you Chen trouble, let donger hit not happy, so Donger had to take out haotian hammer to a hammer to determine the outcome, and then enter the second game and other opponents hit a happy.And this definitely means that the game is won again, which is amazing.However, when Donger took haotian hammer, others were surprised that Donger is twin soul, Zheng War is surprised that Donger has Haotian hammer soul.Originally, Zheng Zhan actually has an old friend also haotian hammer soul, so Zheng Zhan not only on donger’s attitude a lot of good, but also offered to chat with Donger, I do not know is to inquire about old friends or about other things.Of course, jeong and Donga agreed on a time after the match, so it is interesting to see what they will talk about.