The richest man in Yunnan is An American?Five Members of a family of six Americans, all alone in the country

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Nowadays, the era of globalization degree has been greatly deepened, although in some areas there are natural barriers, but human, capital, technology has been globally mobile and optimize configuration and there is a certain type of people choose to live by changing the way the nationality settled in overseas, but you know, is not only a few students from abroad to go abroad to travel,More rich, there are many prominent people and also changed their nationality which change the rich nationality, they are made in China, but after severe wealth, quietly changed their nationality, this kind of behavior is always let a person feel hard to accept, especially after made money ran to the United States is very spirit, a wealthy families to send abroad,And they still stay in China to continue to make money, so who is this rich?Li xiaoming is a special entrepreneur, as we know bosses are in the business, his business for many years to have made today’s achievements, but from the yunnan decree that he took only a year make worth ten times, with one hundred billion yuan worth of son to sit on the position of yunnan’s richest man, but now she and her family have been changed to American citizenship,But also rich in China we take a look at his life experiences, in 1959, li xiaoming, born in yunnan decree, family conditions, without any special background, when I was a child is a child compared to recognize learning, academic performance has been good, later get admitted to the university, the university after graduation to work in a large enterprise smoothly into the local,After that, Li Xiaoming worked in the company for several years without showing any other ideas. Later, because of his excellent performance, the company sent him to the United States for further study.But go abroad for further study of li chose not to continue the original unit efficiency, he later entered the United States continue to study at the Massachusetts institute of technology in the United States to find a job after graduation in June 1996, li xiaoming learned that the country is to develop new technology, there has been a lot of international students and foreign investors to the domestic business and investment,So li also resigned from his job in the United States, and choose to development, at first he chose Shanghai, Beijing the big cities, but failed, so he used his grasp of professional skills in the university returned to his hometown in yunnan, and established the yunnan hongta group of plastic, raise the company’s main business is manufacture of plastic polymer, due to the adverse effects to the environment,Local nature, which was not well protected at the time, was an excellent choice.Yunnan although large at the beginning of the century, all kinds of resources are rich, but because of many reasons lead to the economic development speed is relatively slow, li to invest here is the status of yunnan area of potential development in the past ten years, since his company development faster and faster, customers also extended to the country, especially in the southwest and northeast China, li’s personal fortune also rose,Soon reached ten billion yuan, in 2016, li successfully through the backdoor listing assets doubled, but he didn’t stop footstep, but again to look at a lithium battery company, located in Shanghai and in more than a year after the acquisition is achieved, at this time, li xiaoming began his operation, will be the focus of the development of the company to shift away from the battery industry,The wave action will usually low-key him into the spotlight, it turns out, her investment decision is right, the era of ningde with byd is the industry’s leading enterprises, and the country is also for such the development of high-tech industries to give great support, because the social from all walks of life is very optimistic about the lithium battery industry development prospects,Company’s shares also rose, but li nearly half of all individual holdings of company shares, reduced down his social status has been more than one hundred billion yuan, li has successfully stepped onto the peak of life, he should have more some social responsibility, but after enjoying the domestic dividend, nationality changed himself and his family, including li himself,Ma Yaner his wife and his daughters, and his brother daughter-in-law and nephew in addition, his younger brother lindenli also hold us green card, you can always apply to the American, as a golden years of yunnan’s richest man in the domestic, it is really let a person feel chilling, li xiaoming practice after the media exposure, many investors quickly began selling shares in the company,This suggests that the practice of li xiaoming is suffering recrimination, because investors will think you get gold at home, and then transfer the money, finally put the burden to domestic investors a walk it Evergrande slot is a living example, and zhang yong and his wife also being criticized by people, li does have some business acumen, also have an eye for investment,But what do you think of him as a public figure who not only changed his nationality, but continues to make money at home?