Over age “retire”, how to support migrant workers over 60 years old?Expert: Pension mentioned 300-1000

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# # overage repel and over 60 migrant workers how to provide for the aged just entered in 2022, the pension problem has become the focus topic of the people’s attention, the National Development and Reform Commission in the “difference” between urban and rural community service system construction planning, a policy of the State Council routine briefing is pointed out that “do not let the rural elderly octogenarian – also take their own cooking firewood”,Countries will be solved through strengthening rural old-age service methods such as farmers elderly endowment problem, for the rural elderly and young rural group is a rare piece of good news, basic life of rural elderly care efficiently, while rural young would be able to watch the migrant workers, and to participate in the development of rural industry, promoting rural economic development,At the same time, there is also good news for rural pensions. Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces have already made it clear that they will raise the basic pension for rural residents again in 2022.In 2022, the good news for the rural elderly is coming one after another, but for the elderly migrant workers, there is a sad news. Recently, the housing and construction departments in many places have issued regulations: the group of over-age migrant workers will be cleared, and the group of over-age migrant workers will be banned from entering the construction site!Tianjin Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development issued a document: Construction units shall not sign labor contracts for men over 60 years old and women over 50 years old.Those who have not signed a labor contract shall not enter the site for construction.Huanggang City Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau of Hubei province has also made it clear that it is forbidden to recruit or use persons under the age of 18, men over the age of 60, and women over the age of 50 to engage in construction on the construction site in any form.Shanghai Municipal Department of Housing and Construction: construction enterprises are forbidden to recruit or use persons over 60 years of age to enter the construction site in any form.Repel and around the age of the main causes of migrant workers is that old migrant workers due to the large age, body quality and so on are relatively poor, and the construction site and high strength of the manual labor, especially in the summer and winter, because of high labor intensity, easy to cause sudden death, and all kinds of construction site accident, and it is prohibited to older migrant workers into work,It can effectively reduce the occurrence of such accidents and guarantee the life safety of elderly migrant workers, but such a blanket approach is not recognized by the people.Old migrant workers are still after 60 years of age in the working site, the main reason is that pension problem not guaranteed, must depend on ourselves to obtain stable economic income, to solve their own pension problem, help their children at the same time reduce the pressure of life, and once banned – migrant workers into the site, they will be difficult to get the economic income,Pension problems will not be guaranteed!For these old migrant workers, who wouldn’t want to don’t live at peace through old age, who wouldn’t want HanYiLongSun, enjoy family happiness ended, but apart from Beijing Shanghai rural pension can reach 800-1000 or so, other parts of the rural pension is only 100 yuan, although children to feed, but who also don’t want to be a burden,Children’s life pressure is also very large, many elderly people want to take one day at a time while they are still able to move, at least until the day when they can not move can also have enough savings and pensions, to protect their basic life, not to bring too much burden to their children.However, after the retirement of elderly farmers, people over 60 will have to retire from construction, thus losing their source of income.How to provide for the aged migrant workers?According to the 2020 Migrant Workers Monitoring Survey Report, the total number of migrant workers in 2020 is 285.6 million, among which farmers over 50 years old account for 26.4%. With the aggravation of aging population, the number of elderly migrant workers will gradually increase, although in the 13th Five-Year Plan and 14th Five-year Plan,Countries are force to solve the problem of rural residents endowment, but low pension has been a real problem of the rural elderly, age of migrant workers is also because the pension is too low, not guaranteed pension problem, more than 60 years old still labor in a line of work, only to earn more economic income, reduce the pressure on themselves and their children’s endowment.As long as the rural pension level is improved, it can effectively improve the rural elderly pension problem, fundamentally solve the problem of elderly migrant workers!In response to the National Development and Reform Commission’s proposal that “rural elderly people in their 80s and 90s should not have to chop wood and cook by themselves”, Professor Li Xiaoyan of the School of Agriculture and Rural Development at Renmin University of China suggested:”The pension will be raised to 300 a month for those aged 60, 400 a month for those aged 70, 500 a month for those aged 80 and 1,000 a month for those aged 90.Village communities need to provide various old-age services for mobile elderly people, such as some wealthy villages already do, providing lunch and dinner services for people over 60 years old.”As the proposal put forward by the support of many users, rural elderly are among the most helpless group, faced with very poor survival present situation, especially in parts of the implementation of migrant workers “repel and makes”, after the number of the pension problem will gradually increase, only improve the pension, can effectively improve their level of pay of provide for the aged.​