Dongkou County held the first meeting of road Traffic Safety Committee in 2022

2022-05-05 0 By

According to the comprehensive analysis of the latest meteorological data, influenced by the southwest jet stream, the shear line at the middle and lower levels and the cold air on the ground, there will be a round of rain and snow freezing weather from 31st to 3rd February in our county. The snow will break off from 4th to 5th February, and there will be a new round of freezing rain and snow weather from 6th to 7th February.To actively respond to the low temperature sleet freezing weather, ensure the security of the people during the Spring Festival travel, January 31 morning, meng, director of the county road traffic safety committee organization held dongkou huaning road traffic safety committee meeting for the first time, it fully 2022 Spring Festival transportation safety, for the low temperature sleet freezing weather defense work arrangement.During the meeting, the member units of the Road Safety Commission made special reports on the preparation for the cryogenic rain, snow and freezing weather and the road traffic security work of the 2022 Spring Festival.Comrade Meng Huaning pointed out that the county on a round of low temperature rain and snow frozen weather road traffic safety work achievements are fruitful, worthy of affirmation, but the current still can not have the least paralysis and lax mood.Comrade Meng Huaning stressed:AnWei member units, the villages and towns must strengthen the need on duty during the Spring Festival, to ensure that the emergency power, emergency material support in place, meteorological departments to improve the meteorological forecast frequency, traffic, traffic police, “the villages and towns comprehensive had”, “two standing member”, “long” way to strengthen key sections, important point inspections and unattended, to refine the emergency measures, focusing on urban main road,We will do our best to clear snow and ice, remove traffic jams and ensure smooth traffic, focus on alpine and mountainous areas, do a good job in road safety control, and make every effort to ensure that the people have a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.