Chen Duoping: At the beginning of the New Year, we will make every effort to promote the implementation of key work

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On the afternoon of February 14, Chen Duoping, secretary of Gaoping District Party Committee, led the heads of relevant departments at the district level to Nanchong Modern Logistics Park and Jiangling Town to investigate the work resumption of enterprises, rural revitalization, ecological environment protection and epidemic prevention and control.He stressed that all departments should adhere to the open years grip, start the sprint, around the implementation of the “1336” strategy, focus on “good start” target tasks, compaction compaction responsibility, to promote the implement priority landing, exerts oneself attitude, practical measures, strong action, speed up the construction of “city, forest city, dynamic takatsubo door”.Luo Jialing, deputy secretary of the District Committee, participated in the investigation.Arriving at Nanchong Modern Logistics Park, Chen Duoping visited Nanchong Logistics Center of China Logistics and Nanchong Distribution Center of Zhongtong Express to inspect the resumption of work and production, recruitment and employment of enterprises, and understand the practical problems faced by enterprises in detail.The park management committee and relevant departments are required to firmly establish a sense of service, pay close attention to the recruitment of enterprises and other key links, effectively solve problems for enterprises, ensure full load operation of enterprises, all-out sprint “a good start”.Chen Duoping stressed that Nanchong modern logistics Park is an important support for the construction of Linjiang New Area and the core support for Gaoping to build a hundred-billion logistics industry.All parties involved in the park should strengthen their confidence, focus on the project, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the development of the park as soon as possible.In particular, we should focus on speeding up the construction of the comprehensive bonded area and chengdu-Chongqing northern multi-modal international port, strengthen the packaging of projects, speed up the progress of project construction, and form a good situation of “completing and putting into use a number of projects, accelerating the construction of a number of projects, starting a number of new projects, and demonstrating and storing a number of projects”.To continue to attract strong, strong and excellent, to introduce a number of major projects, well-known enterprises to settle down, and constantly strengthen the development of new advantages of the park.”How is the project resuming so far?How is the project going?”At the construction site of the Sino-French Agricultural Science and Technology Park shuizhen Project, Chen Duoping inquired in detail about the resumption and construction progress of the project.The project side is required to further optimize the design and business philosophy, not only to ensure the high quality of the project, but also to ensure that the project meets the needs of the popular.We should reverse the construction period, accelerate the construction of the project, and ensure that the project is fully completed and put into operation by the end of the year.Chen Duoping pointed out that sino-French agricultural science and Technology Park is a major project that the provincial party Committee, provincial government, municipal Party committee and government pay great attention to, and is an important platform and carrier for Gaoping to strive for tianfu famous tourism county.Project the parties should attach great importance to seize create tourism name county and other major opportunities and peg 2022 sichuan international cultural tourism festival this important time node, not trust, support, to speed up the progress, promote park on key projects of perfection, perfecting park function image, improve visibility and influence in agricultural science and technology park.Efforts should be made to resume work and production, speed up construction in an all-round way, and ensure that projects such as watertown hotels, smart greenhouses, vegetable gardens and low-altitude flying camps are presented as scheduled.At the same time, we must ensure the bottom line of project construction safety, environmental protection and epidemic prevention and control, and accelerate the solution of pipe network, rainwater and sewage diversion, water and electricity in accordance with laws and regulations and in innovative ways, so as to promote high-quality development of china-France Agricultural science and Technology Park.In jiangling Town Shuanggongqiao Village Bomir Citrus Industrial Park, Chen Duoping inquired about the size of the park, planting varieties, product sales, employment and other conditions.He stressed that industry is the key to rural revitalization.We will continue to focus on modern agriculture, fine agriculture, and smart agriculture, accelerate the improvement of supporting facilities in industrial parks, and increase support for citrus and other competitive industries. In particular, we will strengthen scientific management of industrial parks, constantly improve the quality and efficiency of industrial parks, and continuously increase people’s incomes.On the same day, Chen supervised the prevention and control of the epidemic in Jiangling Town, the rectification of problems reported by ecological and environmental inspectors and the implementation of the river chief system.District leaders Peng Hui, Kou Xingkui and Wu Zaihe participated in the investigation.Gaoping District Rong Media Center reporter: Yang Qiaoling reports