What major does the boy go into politics learn best?

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What major does the boy go into politics learn best?If you want to go into politics, you can study economics, finance, business administration, diplomacy, customs administration, and journalism and communication.If you want to enter politics, besides major choice, school is also important.If you can choose a more famous school, the teaching strength will be much stronger.In addition, to apply for party membership as soon as possible, membership is the most basic requirement.Learn party knowledge from scratch, usually know more about news and current affairs.What kind of people are fit for politics?Environmental influence is very important for personal growth.The children who grow up in official families are more suitable for politics than the children of ordinary families, even if they do not have the knowledge of classics.Perhaps children have learned from their parents how to negotiate and deal with each other, and are born with a huge network of contacts that most people can’t match.2, personal ability must have.Don’t say a lot of words, but also can’t three sticks suffocate a word.Officialdom is inherently complex and changeable. In many cases, it is necessary to learn to look at people and act. At the same time, it is necessary to speak strictly and methodically, otherwise sometimes a wrong word may lead to disaster.So those with quick thinking and strong language organization skills are more likely to go into politics.If you do not have good eloquence, then writing a good article is not without opportunities, writing is also a kind of soft power, which is engraved in their mind, can be used at any time for their own.Can experience the wind and waves and suffering.Such a person has a stable personality, personality also have publicity, the same is that they will not easily give up a thing.The body in officialdom, sometimes have to bow, such a flexible people more suitable for politics.