The inside and outside world can be connected at all times like this. SONY LinkBuds releases multiple surprises

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On February 16, 2022, SONY (China) Co., LTD released its new open true wireless earbuds.Listening to music, making phone calls or using a voice assistant, and navigating through various scenarios while wearing headphones are becoming a daily routine for a growing number of heavy earphone users.SONY has observed that many users, especially those who prefer to wear headphones all the time, want headphones that are not only comfortable to wear and sound good, but also feel comfortable being connected and responsive when using them.In order to meet this demand, the open true wireless earphone LinkBuds came into being.From the appearance to the listening experience, SONY entrusts LinkBuds with a series of refreshing experiences.The new product adopts circular design, delicate and full of personality, light and comfortable to wear.Design on sound quality in the form of an open challenging, thanks to the deep accumulation of acoustics, SONY developed a dedicated for LinkBuds toroidal drive unit, carrying integrated processor V1, combined with high-performance neodymium magnets, hollow annular diaphragm, sound clarity, a feeling of high quality music at the same time, also can synchronization of external sounds,Feel and respond to changes in your environment while walking, talking on the phone, on a conference call, or playing a game.In addition, deep neural network learning (DNN) and precise voice pickup technology greatly improve the call quality of open earphone LinkBuds, allowing users to enjoy clear voice communication at will.As a smart wearable device, SONY equipped the LinkBuds with the newly-added wide-area click function, which can play, pause, switch and other operations by gently clicking the ear region near the cheek.SONY also teamed up with Tencent Xiaowei to add the function of Quick Access (Quick play of music) for LinkBuds, which can play preset QQ music playlist quickly through Tencent Xiaowei App*1, and also support the Quick acquisition of music playing, weather query and other voice assistant services.At the same time, the new product has adaptive volume control *2 performance, support IPX4 waterproof *3 grade, use more intelligent and secure.As deep in the acoustic field for more than 40 years of audio family, SONY around the proposition, “listen” to keep pace with The Times to respond to user needs, is committed to broadening the listening dimension and that way, users can comfortably wear headphones from inside and outside world, feeling from the expression of the soul and nature of each note, embrace new Z generation to listen to new experiences.SONY open true wireless Earphone LinkBuds in the world inside and outside, excellent sound quality has always been SONY’s unremitting pursuit.With open headphones, balancing the sound inside and out and achieving great sound quality can be challenging.SONY has developed a special ring drive unit for LinkBuds, which is equipped with high-performance neodymium magnet to make the sound quality of middle and high frequency more clear and clear, and the sound field is vast.Hollow ring diaphragm, so that the ambient sound outside the earphone can also naturally ear.Under the clever open structure, LinkBuds can enjoy high-quality background music or voice calls without worrying about missing the surrounding communication and interaction, and can timely feel the changes of the surrounding environment, such as listening to songs while walking, which makes listening more secure.The new product is equipped with an integrated processor V1, which can transmit the signal of the headset steadily, reduce distortion, and bring purer sound quality.LinkBuds adopts DSEE digital sound enhancement engine *4 to complete the sampling rate of audio source with advanced algorithms and recover part of the lost high-frequency sound to present sound effects closer to the original sound.LinkBuds can adapt to different call scenes, flexibly reduce the interference to call quality and filter out environmental noise through the massive samples of DNN.Precise speech pickup technology can effectively separate ambient sound and clear speech extraction.In addition, LinkBuds is equipped with a five-speed frequency adjustable equalizer and two-way ten-level tuning selection, which is convenient for users to adjust according to their preferences.With the support of multiple technologies, LinkBuds can experience wonderful music with excellent sound quality, balance the inner and outer world of headphones, easily maintain the connection with the outside world, and experience new listening experience.The body volume of LinkBuds is reduced by about 51% compared with WF-1000XM4, and the volume of ear case is reduced by about 26%. The single earphone weighs about 4.1g, so it is small and light.Combined with ergonomic principles of the design, the new body center of gravity inward, comfortable to wear.The earphone is equipped with 5 sizes of curved support frame, flexible material, can adapt to the needs of different users.Comfortable to wear and simple circular design, for users who do not like in-ear plug or often wear earrings, more friendly.For heavy users of earphones who need to be online all the time, LinkBuds can greatly reduce the bother of taking off and taking off, and they can easily wear them and travel in diversified life scenes.SONY LinkBuds smart and chic intelligent control easy to enjoy as wearable devices, the performance of earphones in intelligent control is attracting more and more attention from users.SONY’s LinkBuds are smart and small in shape, so SONY has developed a new wide-area click function for them to make it easy for users to control them.You can play, pause and switch quickly by tapping the ear area near your cheek without aiming.Meanwhile, the new product supports adaptive volume control *2. With this function enabled in the user’s Headphones App*5, the Headphones can recognize the sound level of the environment and adjust the volume within the Headphones to an appropriate range automatically.The LinkBuds are also equipped with intelligent no-pick function *6, after activation on Headphones App*5, when talking with people, the Headphones will automatically pause or resume playing music *7, allowing conversation at any time without manual operation.At the same time, the newly released LinkBuds joins hands with Tencent Xiaowei *1 to add the function of Quick Access (Quick music playing).After setting in Tencent App, double-click the earphone panel to quickly play the self-built playlist, collect the playlist or “30 songs per day” recommended playlist, which is easy and convenient.At the same time, users can wake up Tencent Xiaowei’s “intelligent voice assistant” through the LinkBuds, and quickly obtain news, weather and other life information.In terms of battery life, LinkBuds not only support long battery life and fast charge, single battery life and charging case supplement battery life *8 can reach about 17.5 hours, fast charge 10 minutes can enjoy about 90 minutes of music playing *9.The new device uses built-in sensors to detect the wearing status of the headset, and when the user removes the headset, the music automatically pauses.The new product also has IPX4 waterproof grade *3, uses Bluetooth 5.2 technology *10, and supports Windows Swift Pair for quick pairing, making scenarios more diverse and easier to use.In order to create a better listening experience, SONY has reached a brand cooperation with QQ Music, the leading music streaming media platform in China, to deeply integrate their technical advantages, hardware advantages and content advantages in the audio field.Further upgrade the content quality of music on the platform and the functional experience of hardware products such as headphones.In the future, SONY will cooperate with QQ Music to enhance 360 Reality Audio *11 and other technologies and the cooperation in the development and promotion of high quality earphones, so as to further promote the standard of high quality listening experience in the music industry by taking advantage of QQ Music’s ability to understand the huge number of Chinese music users and develop quality content.SONY is committed to sustainable development by reducing the environmental impact of industrial components and finished products.The headphone body and charging case of LinkBuds are made of renewable materials, and the outer packing box made of paper is more environmentally friendly.With a deep understanding of the changing needs of our customers, SONY continues to innovate with a dedication to craftsmanship.SONY LinkBuds brings a new listening experience for the younger generation who are used to being “always on”.It is not only an innovation in the form of real wireless earphones, but also highlights the role of earphones as wearable devices in smart life.Sony’s new open true wireless earphones, LinkBuds, will be launched in the near future. For more details, please visit Sony China online mall, Sony China official Weibo, official wechat official account and Sony Store.*1 Please update Tencent Xiaowei App to the latest version.Android version or iOS version 1.10.0 or later.*2 LinkBuds’ volume design complies with European sound pressure regulations (EN50332-2).If you feel uncomfortable, you are advised to turn off this feature.*3 equivalent to JIS/IEC IPX4 (Waterproof splash level) : prevent water from splashing into the device from all directions, excluding the earphone ring drive unit.The charging case does not support IPX4 waterproof.* 4 by Sony | Headphones Connect App * 5 activated DSEE.*5 Please update to the new App version.*6 It is very rare for the smart Talk to be activated unexpectedly due to vibration caused by devices such as electric toothbrushes, electric massages and electric shavers, or due to actions such as brushing teeth, coughing or humming.To disable Smart Talk and resume music playing immediately, tap the touch panel on the left or right.*7 By default, the concert resumes 15 seconds after the smart no-pick dialog ends.Use Sony | Headphones Connect App * 5 for custom this time interval.*8 Usage time may be reduced, depending on codec and usage;Charging time and usage time may vary depending on usage.*9 Quick charging: be sure to use the attached USB Type-C cable, and the charging time and use time may vary according to the use situation.*10 Bluetooth 5.2: Due to the nature of the Bluetooth headset, electromagnetic interference in the area may cause the connection to be disconnected.Due to the nature of wireless technology, when the device performs display functions and emits Bluetooth sound signals at the same time.In both audio and video signals there can be “lag”, where the sound is out of sync with the picture.*11 360 Live Audio requires using the Headphones Connect*5 mobile app and subscribing to specific online music services.Subscription to music services may require payment to third-party service providers and may not be available in some countries or regions.