Chapter 22 in The End of the Sandworm

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Yuxuan fat man in the team behind walk, walk have four or five hundred meters, suddenly heard someone in the back shout: “fat man!Fat!”Isn’t this Liu Zhiyuan?I can’t believe he’s here.The fat man looked back sharply, but saw no one.The fat man patted his head and thought he was hallucinating.He turned and walked on.When he heard another call for fat, he looked puzzled.Liu Zhiyuan was running towards him.He ran over, too, and they shook hands firmly as they made their way to the line.The other three looked at each other, and none of them knew what to do.Liu Zhiyuan looked through binoculars at the city ahead.A mass of dark brown things wriggled along the street in a blaze of colour on either side. Needless to say, they were advertising signs.The streets are lined with large trees that you can climb if you are surrounded by bugs.Went into again, can see clearly with telescope, dark brown is insect.You can already read the words on the billboard.Cell phone repair, car sales, and a grain store, which looks like it might have some more stuff.Other people also saw the grain store, the head of the captain said: “now go to see that there is no food inside, quickly move out.”Here we are again and we can see the grain store.From the outside, the store is quite large. There is only one exit. On the door, there is a small note: Rice, eggs, peanut oil, wine, candy.Look at the worm. Nothing.The captain suddenly said, “Get some dirt and liquid and stuff on your body.”Liu Zhiyuan two people although do not understand, but see the captain and other two people have done so, just casually find some soil touch on the body.The captain said, “No, you are dry. Dig down.”Liu Zhiyuan has figured out the general reason why people touch wet soil on their bodies.When he first tested bugs, he didn’t test them for smell.I think the captain’s doing this to cover up the smell.