50-year-old women, even without body anxiety, should never touch these 4 dress minefields!Easy to old

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I read a sentence like this: “Appearance level has a shelf life, but temperament does not.”What makes a woman shine all her life is not an amazing appearance, but a unique temperament.For women, the advanced stage of beauty is to recognize it, to move from caring about the opinions of others to caring about what you express yourself.When you get to a certain age, you realize that dressing up is really just a foil.Women’s temperament is difficult to fake, it is from the inside out out of the unique breath.Only by carving the beauty into the bones of women can they find their own unique high-level sense.First, the choice of light and cheap fabric clothing fabric is an important factor that can affect the overall wearing effect, even if the same version of the design of clothing, the use of different fabric materials, will wear a completely different style texture.Especially for the elderly middle-aged women, we should try to avoid thin, cheap fabric style, will affect the expression of our own temperament, it is difficult to produce senior sense.The red cardigan is a simple solid color style, designed to be loose and comfortable, and while not fussy about middle-aged women’s bodies, the fabric is too light to give a cheap texture that could easily look tacky.Dress like this as coat style, often inadvertently pull down the temperament of middle-aged women, and is not the first choice of elegant women.Many middle-aged women mistakenly believe that as they get older they need to opt for fancy and complex patterns, but this is not the case.Rather than making us feel less aged, large-area patterned clothes can betray our age and make us look old and lifeless.Middle-aged women want to wear a high sense often do not need more complex personality style, sometimes, simple clothes can highlight the middle-aged woman’s unique temperament charm.For example, this light beige round collar dress, simple design matching color, but very line with the middle-aged woman’s face color, let the middle-aged woman look gentle and elegant, full of feminine flavor.Wear a Minefield 3, Wear too tight clothes Many middle-aged women with the growth of age, the figure is more or less inevitably a little fat, so it is very necessary for us to wear thin.Middle-aged women in the choice of clothing style, should try to avoid wearing too tight clothing, such clothing is easy to expose our figure shortcomings, affect the overall wear of the natural effect, wear up comfort is also very low.Version to maintain a moderate loose sense of middle-aged women is still very necessary, such clothes can achieve the best effect for us to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.This black sleeveless vest with white shirt is casual and generous, and the orange brown straight skirt version of the lower body is pendant. The overall collocation combination is very inclusive to the middle-aged woman’s figure, wearing slim and slim, and can give full play to the middle-aged woman’s body advantage.In general, middle-aged women’s dress layers should not be too rich, try not to more than three layers, otherwise it is easy to make our dress look complicated, no visual highlights.The grey trench coat and black trousers are neat and classic, but the whole trench coat is designed with pleats at the back of the body, and the black shirt style and black belt at the waist are folded inside, making the overall wearing layers become very complicated and dazzling.What really suits us will always do the most to accentuate our body’s strengths and flatter our body’s weaknesses.Like this black cheongsam dress version of the design of slim simple, on the shoulder of the black printed shawl not only in color and black cheongsam dress to maintain a response, but also for middle-aged women to create two layers of wearing layers, chic and carefully, to show the temperament of middle-aged women charm.