Xianghe County for the public collection of cultural relics announced

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In order to hold the basic exhibition of Xianghe Museum, preserve the Cultural gene of Xianghe and collect the collective memory of xianghe people, according to the “Protection of Cultural Relics of the People’s Republic of China”, “Museum Regulations” and relevant laws and regulations, Xianghe County Museum of Cultural Relics is now sincerely to collect cultural relics and exhibits from all walks of life, special announcement is as follows:1, revolutionary cultural relics reflect xianghe county revolutionary martyrs, heroes and models, revolutionary masses, patriots advanced deeds of the physical and documentary materials.2, traditional objects reflect xianghe history of all times, all ethnic social system, social production, social life representative objects.3, old book records and letters, family tree xianghe history in each era of important documents and materials as well as manuscripts and ancient books of historical, artistic and scientific value.4. The old household furnishings and articles of daily use for more than 40 years reflect the folk cultural relics and articles of daily use of special significance in official affairs, agriculture, industry, commerce, clothing, food, housing, travel, marriage, funeral, happiness and celebration of the people in Xianghe.5. Historical impact materials reflect the early historical development of Xianghe, video materials of people’s life and old photos.1. Stone tools: including paleolithic, neolithic, stone tools and utensils made after shang Dynasty.2. Jade: including jade, gemstone, pearl, crystal, agate, coral, lapis lazuli, etc.3. Pottery: including pottery, clay figurines, clay models, pottery, purple sand, etc.4. Porcelain: including porcelain, kiln ware, etc.5. Bronze ware: including ritual ware, daily utensils, production tools, bronze mirrors, statues, weapons, etc.6. Iron ware: including iron ware, iron weapons, etc.7. Other metal articles: refer to other metal articles not belonging to copper and iron articles, such as gold and silver articles.8. Tooth bone: including oracle bone, ivory, horn, horn, tortoiseshell and so on.9. Brick: including construction brick, tomb brick, portrait brick, hollow brick, etc.10. Stone carvings: including stone tablets, epitaphs, statues, scriptures, stone statues, stone carvings, etc.11. Lacquer wood ware: lacquer ware, wood ware, bamboo ware, etc.12. Embroidery: including silk, cotton, wool, embroidery, clothing, all kinds of embroidery.13. Seal seal: including gold, silver, copper, iron, stone, tooth, jade, porcelain, wood, agate, amber seal and seal, clay, seal plate, etc.14. Calligraphy and painting: including painting, calligraphy, scripture writing, printmaking, New Year paintings, celebrity handwriting, etc.15. Stationery: including pen, ink, paper, inkstone, washing, etc.16. Currency: including copper coins, copper coins, nickel coins, silver coins, paper money, vouchers, stocks, bills of exchange, money patterns, banknotes, etc.17. Inscription rubbings: including stone rubbings, buddhist rubbings, etc.18. Rare ancient books: including woodcut, manuscript, manuscript, hardprint, red print, blue print, etc.19. Documentary contract: including files, documents, contract, mandate, imperial decree, letters, manuscripts, etc.20. Celebrity relics: including manuscripts, letters, inscriptions, signatures, articles of daily use, etc.21. Documents: including important original documents and early reprints where the original documents do not exist.22. Badges: including MEDALS (MEDALS), commemorative badges, badges, badges, etc.23. Plaque: including signboards, plaques, etc.24. Tickets: including grain stamps, oil tickets, cloth tickets, grain and oil certificates, household registration certificates, land certificates, graduation certificates, marriage certificates, etc.25. Miscellaneous category: other items of historical, scientific or artistic value not belonging to the above categories.1. Free donation: Social organizations and individuals in line with the principle of voluntary, cultural relics (physical) materials free donation.Those who meet the exhibition standards will be uniformly accepted by Xianghe County Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau and will issue a Certificate of Donation to the donors.Information suitable for display will be named on the exhibition signboard.2. Copy and imitation: for collectors who are not willing to publish the original cultural relics, the original shall be returned after being copied with the consent of the collector.3. Intention of cooperation: For those who have no intention to sell or donate, they will be lent through negotiation and returned after the exhibition.4. Registration and reserve: The information and photos of cultural relics shall be registered and reserved for use as exhibitions and activities according to future needs.1. When submitting cultural relics and materials, specify the name, telephone number and mailing address of the cultural relics and materials.2. The owner of cultural relics and materials shall guarantee the legality and authenticity of the cultural relics and materials provided, and shall have the complete disposal right to provide cultural relics and materials. In case of any dispute, Xianghe County Cultural, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau shall not bear any responsibility.Contact: Cui Jianwen 13832625977 Cui Chunyong 13703264724 Zhang Huaiyong 15930617632 Contact Address: Xianghe County Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, Xianghe County xinhua Street West Culture and Art Center Source: Xianghe Cultural Tourism