Wide balcony, let life greatly considerable

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The interest of landscape, the scene of four times, have a balcony can be all eyes.Yu Guangzhong once said in his book Shatin Mountain Residence, “Outside the study is the balcony, and outside the balcony is the mountain and the sea.The sea is a bay of blue Zhanzhan, the mountains are green and green.The sun and the moon are idle and have plenty of time and space.”A few brushstrokes, the leisurely and comfortable years that balcony place brings leap spontaneously on paper.Artistic conception picture open wide landscape balcony, increases the activity area in the hall, large area to welcome natural light into the room.Sitting on the balcony, drinking tea, reading newspapers, basking in the sun, or planting flowers and grass, while enjoying the time together with the whole family, one party functions the balcony, extending the family life more beautiful.At the same time, across the living room and bedroom in front of the south double balcony, will not miss every scenery outside the window, appreciate the ingenuity of the garden in the four scene transformation.Can place cany desk, cany chair, tea reads volume in sunshine, accompanying cloud shuiyun, bird whispers whispers, mood also can become subsequently particularly cheerful, life poetic flavour is abundant.The large-scale design of the wide-screen balcony allows you to capture the scenery of a large scale at every glance, which is comparable to the wonderful enjoyment of the IMAX view, and opens your future landscape life.Artistic conception shows life attitude by space philosophy;With a broad scale, thick load better life.Chongqing Zijingfu, conform to people’s pursuit of living quality, artisan built a big house with a view, deduce a life art.Chongqing Zijing Fu built area of about 160-190 square meters [compound villa] pure existing tea garden, the largest enjoy about 500 square meters of garden, the city for Tibet!Hotline: 023-86013999 Project Address: Bingwen Road, Tea Garden, Chongqing (next to the Jiangnan Branch of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical College)